Managing Vets

One of the most challenging things a pet sitter faces is a medical emergency for one of the animals in their care. During a medical emergency, having accurate and quick information for the pet's veterinarian is a must. When clients enter their Veterinarians, they can occasionally make mistakes or leave information out. In an emergency, having the most up-to-date and correct Veterinarian information is critical. 

Because of this, Time To Pet has created a system where you can add all the local Veterinarians in your area. After you have added your local Veterinarians, clients can select which vet they use. They can choose a secondary Vet as well! 

Note: Since clients cannot add a new vet on their own, it's essential to ensure they aren't prevented from filling out the rest of their pet's profile if their vet is not on your current list. We recommend either making the vet field not required or adding a "Vet Not Listed" option to your vet list. Then, if the client's vet is not listed, they can put their vet in the notes section, and you can add their vet to the list for them.

Check out a short video from our Onboarding Team on Managing Vets!

To add your local Veterinarians, first, navigate to the Vet List section (found in the Client’s tab in the left sidebar). You can add a new Vet by clicking the "+ New Vet" button. Be sure to add as much detail about the Vet as you can:

Managing Vets - for for adding a vet with fields for address and contact infromation

When done, be sure to save any changes. 

After you have added your local Vets, your clients can select which Vet they use right from their Client Portal. In the Pets tab, they can Edit their pet and select the Vet:

Managing Vets - Primary Vet and Alternative Vet fields

You can add Vets for your clients from their Client Profile page as well.

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