Getting Started Guide for a New Company

Thanks for starting your Time To Pet free trial! In order to help make this process as easy as possible, we’ve put together a brief Getting Started Guide. This guide is meant to be a loose framework for navigating your free trial. We understand that everyone learns a little different so don’t hesitate to contact us to help come up with a tailored plan for your business.

If you currently use another pet sitting software system or you have a list of your clients in a spreadsheet – let us know.  We can usually import a lot of your existing data into Time To Pet. This typically includes client information, pet information, staff information, and even veterinarian information. There is also no cost to our data import service!

Let’s get started!

What to expect?

We have found that starting with the basics is the best way to learn Time To Pet. Our system is built to simplify your business by automating many of your daily tasks but pet sitting software can be complex. There can be a learning curve, but eventually, you will hit the “aha!” moment where it gets much easier. We always recommend starting your Time To Pet free trial with watching our Getting Started Video. This will walk you through some of the basics of Time To Pet. You are also invited to participate in one of our live  Software Demonstrations. We have lots of really great help articles in our Knowledge Base as well.

Step 1 – The Basics

In this step, you will be adding a client, adding a service, and scheduling an event with the add client and service. 

Adding a Client

The first action we always recommend is testing Time To Pet with dummy information. This usually includes creating a few test clients.You can use your personal email or create a test client for a family member. Check out our help article on  Adding A Client for help.

After you have created your test client, put yourself in your client's shoes. Follow the instructions sent to your test client's email address and go ahead and activate your portal account and take a look at what the Client Portal looks like. We have a great help section on navigating the client portal  here.

Expert Tip - If you skipped sending the welcome email, you can always send it later. Here is the help article on doing this.

Adding a Service

After you’ve created your test clients, create a service or two. This will help you better understand how scheduling and invoicing works in Time To Pet. We have a help article on  Adding A Service too.

Scheduling an Event

After you've added a client and a service, we suggest scheduling a few events for your client. Remember that scheduling services is intrinsically linked to Invoicing in Time To Pet. If you need a refresher, here is our help article on  Understanding Invoicing on Time To Pet. We also have a help article on Scheduling An Event too.

Expert Tip - Time To Pet provides several different ways for you to schedule events. If you need to schedule multiple events at once because your customer is taking a week long trip, try our Schedule A Trip tool. If your customers are regular, recurring clients, check out our Recurring Templates feature.

After you're comfortable with the basics of Time To Pet, we recommend moving on to Step 2.

Step 2 – Configuring Your Company

After getting comfortable with the basics of Time To Pet, we recommend configuring your Time To Pet system to meet your company's specific needs. We have an entire section on  Configuration & Settings, but we will highlight a few of the most important ones here.

Company Settings

Company Settings allows you to configure various details about your company. This includes setting your Company Name, your Company Email, your Company Website, your Company Phone Numbers, and your Client Portal Tag. The Client Portal Tag allows you to create a customized link to add to your website. When client's click this link, they will be brought to your company specific Client Portal login page

Credit Card Processing

Time To Pet makes it easy to accept credit card payments from your clients! Connecting your account to a credit card processor enables the ability to accept credit/debit card payments and ACH/e-check payments from your clients.

Customizing Form Fields

You can customize all of your client information and pet information fields in Time To Pet. If you want to collect information like "Leash Location" or "Neighbor's Name", you can by creating custom fields in Time To Pet.

Invoice Settings

You can customize several pieces of your Invoices in Time To Pet. If you want the due date to always be the day of the last event, or if you want to include a note detailing your payment policy on every invoice, you can add that here.

Language Settings

Language Settings allows you to customize some of the verbiage used to communicate with your clients. For example, if you want to adjust the Client Welcome Email and make it more personal from your business, you can do that here.

Configuring the Mobile Application

Time To Pet allows you to make adjustments to the mobile applications that you and your team use. This is also the section where you can enable/disable GPS tracking and Report Cards.

Creating A Portal Policy Agreement

The Portal Policy is a way for you to capture your client's e-signature just as they activate their client portal. Many of our customers use this for their Service Agreement or to explain information on their business policies like their cancellation fee.

Portal Settings

You have full control of what your clients can see and do in the Client Portal. This is also where you can allow new clients to create their own accounts. When this feature is enabled, you can create a customized form for new clients. Time To Pet will give you a new link, and you can add this link to your website underneath a "New Clients" button.

Scheduler Settings

Scheduler Settings gives you control over your Scheduler page. If you like to view your calendar in Month View, you can make that the default view here. You can also set your default cancellation charge, set up a third party calendar integration, enable the "Auto Client Time Display" feature, and more.

Step 3 - Invite Some Real Clients

After you've gotten really comfortable with the ins and outs of Time To Pet and have configured your system, it's time to invite some real clients. We also recommend doing a small beta with a handful of clients that you have a great relationship with and are comfortable helping you test your new pet sitting software. You can also have a few staff members download the app (available in  iTunes and in the Google Play Store) and test Time To Pet in the field as well. Here is our help article on Adding A Staff Member.

In this step, it is important to get real, honest feedback from your clients and your team. If any issues arise, don't hesitate to  contact us.

Step 4 - Create Your Schedule

After getting some additional feedback, it's time to start building your scheduled events.

If you need a few reminders, we have a great help article on  Scheduling An Event. We also have a great tool that allows you to schedule intermittent services quickly and easily. This is our Schedule A Trip tool. Lastly, if you have regular, recurring clients check out our Recurring Templates feature.

When you are scheduling your events, it's important to keep in mind that Invoicing is intrinsically linked to Scheduling in Time To Pet. That means that when you are scheduling events for your clients, you are also creating the invoices for them at the same time. We have a great help article on  Understanding Invoicing in Time To Pet that walks you through the basics and gives a great conceptual overview of how invoicing works. As you are building your schedule, you may find that you've added an event or two to the wrong invoice. Don't worry - we make it really simple to move events from one invoice to another and you can even move a group of events onto a brand new invoice too!

Step 5 - Go Live!

After you have successfully tested Time To Pet, configured your company, gotten additional feedback, and created your Schedule, it's time to go live!

When navigating your free trial, keep in mind that this is meant as a guide. You may find that you learn Time To Pet slightly different. If you have any questions about Time To Pet, the best way to navigate the free trial, or any suggestions, please  let us know!

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