Adding PayPal to Receive Payments

You can add PayPal as an additional processor along with a traditional processor (WePay) to accept payments from customers. 

To connect to your PayPal business account, simply go to your dashboard Credit Card Settings and click on the “Additional Processors" link:

The PayPal account must be a business account to accept payments. Input your PayPal account email address, double check the email is correct with no typos, and click on the "Connect My Paypal Account" button. This will take you to PayPal to verify your account. 

Once this step is completed, your PayPal should be connected to our account Sweet Spearmint Software (dba Time To Pet). 

Using PayPal in the Client Portal 

After connecting PayPal, your clients can see the button from their Invoices page in their portal:

It's important to note that Paypal works a little bit different than our standard credit card processors in that it is one more step removed. All details about the payment types your clients have on their Paypal profile are not available for us to see and thus will not be affected by the "Force Credit Card For Scheduling Requests" option in the Portal Settings:

This also means that you can't run your Client's Paypal details on their behalf from the Dashboard like you can for Clients who have paid via WePay.

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