Generating Own Pay Stub/Invoice As Staff

By default, a user (trainee/staff) cannot generate their own pay stub/invoice. To allow them to create their own pay stub/invoice, you will want to check the "Generate Own Pay Stubs" or "Generate Own Invoices" row for the appropriate column box in the Permission Settings.

When a user generates their own pay stub/invoice they will navigate to "My Pay" and click on the "Pay Stubs" or "Invoices" tab. 


When they click "Generate Invoice" they will see this screen:

Screen-Shot-2017-09-05-at-5-38-53-PM.pngYou'll notice what is missing is the Payout options:


These will be automatically set based on the settings you have configured in Settings -> Company Settings under "Staff Pay Stub Defaults" or "User Invoice Defaults".


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