Generating Own Pay Stub/Invoice As Staff/User

By default, a staff member (trainee/staff member or user) cannot generate their own pay stub/invoice. To allow them to create their own pay stub/invoice, you will want to check the "Generate Own Pay Stubs" or "Generate Own Invoices" row for the appropriate column box in Staff Permissions, which can be found in Settings > Staff/User Settings > Permissions.

screenshot of staff permission settings with an arrow pointing to the generate own pay stubs setting

If a staff member/user wants to generate their own pay stub/invoice, they will navigate from the main menu on the left-hand side of their screen to Staff/Users > My Pay and click on the "Pay Stubs" or "Invoices" tab.

Note: As a reminder, staff members/users will need to use the dashboard to generate their invoices on a web browser on their desktop or a mobile browser on their mobile device.  

screenshot of my pay section of staff/user dashboard to generate pay stubs/invoices

When a staff member/user clicks "Generate Invoice" or "Generate Pay Stub", they will see this screen:

screenshot of generate invoices screen for a user to generate their own invoice with option to email it to themselves

You'll notice what is missing is the payout options when you generate invoices as an administrator:

screenshot of generate invoices screen when admin generates invoices for their user with payout options highlighted

These will be automatically set based on the settings you have configured in Staff Settings under "Staff Pay Stub Defaults" or "User Invoice Defaults".

screenshot of user invoice default settings with check box options found in staff settings in the general tab

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