Logging Into Client Portal As Client

Every client in Time To Pet has access to a Client Portal. However, in some cases, it may be helpful for the company admin to see precisely what your customer sees in their Client Portal. Time To Pet does support a "Login As Client" button that allows you to see your client's portal from their perspective.

Check out a short video from our team on logging into the Portal as a Client!

You can access the Login As Client tool from your Client's Profile by clicking the blue "Quick Actions" menu:

Time To Pet will ask you to confirm that you want to log in as your client:

Confirm log in as a Client

After clicking "Login As Client," you will log in to the Client's Portal as if you were the customer. Just to let you know, Time To Pet will treat you as if you are the actual client. You can submit requests, send messages, and pay invoices just as your client would. 

To leave the Client Portal and return to your admin dashboard, click the "back" button on your browser or click the "Back To Dashboard" button:

Select Back To Dashboard to return to dashboard and log out of Client View

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