Showing Credits And Open Payments In The Client Portal

Some of our customers choose to show clients their credit balance and their open payment balance. You can enable this directly in the Client Settings - Portal Settings section of Time To Pet. For more information on credits and open payments, please review our help doc on Understanding Open Payments and Credits in Time To Pet.

Note: The ability for your client to review their open payment and credit balance is currently limited to the Client Portal. We will be adding Client App support in the future.

Before enabling the client to view open payments and credits, we highly recommend you review all of the current open payments and credits in your account. This will help you ensure that clients are not confused by seeing open payments or credits that they were not expecting. You can use the filters in Reporting - Staff & Clients to see all clients with open payments and/or credits.

image of the add filter pop up window under reporting - staff & clients showing dropdown menu of filter options

After reviewing all clients and ensuring that there are no open payments or credits entered into Time To Pet by mistake, you can enable the client view of open payments and credits in Client Settings - Portal Settings in the "Invoicing" Section:

show open payments + credit option in client settings - portal settings

When enabled, clients will be able to see payments that are open (have a balance remaining) that can be applied to future invoices as well as their Credit Balance if it is above $0. This section is labeled 'Available Payments' in the Portal and is in the "Invoicing" tab:

available payments tab in the client portal under the invoices section

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