Issues with App Freezing on Samsung Devices

There have been reports of users with Samsung devices having issues with the Time To Pet app after updating to Android 12. The app will freeze while typing a message or completing a visit report, and eventually crash. There have been reports of Android 12 having issues on Samsung with multiple apps other than Time To Pet.  Here some more information about the Android 12 and Samsung issues:  


For the Time To Pet app we've identified the issue as the default Samsung keyboard. At the moment the best solution is to switch over to using the default Google keyboard, Gboard. You can install Gboard on the Play Store. After installing, Gboard will walk you through enabling it as your default keyboard. You can find Gboard on the Play Store using the link below.

We'll be investigating why the Samsung keyboard is causing this issue, but in the meantime using Gboard should allow you to type notes and complete visits without freezing.

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