Managing Your Pet's Vaccinations In The Client App

Note: Not all companies support managing vaccinations, and this functionality might not be available. 

To manage your pet's vaccinations, navigate to the "Pets" tab of the Client App to see all of your pet's details. You can view all required vaccinations in the "Vaccinations" tab of a pet profile. After clicking the "+" icon on any vaccination, you can upload your vaccination records directly from this screen.

View of Vaccinations options on Time To Pet mobile app - upload vaccination record button

After clicking "Upload Vaccination Record" - you can upload a document, a picture, or take a picture of their vaccination records and upload the file: 

View of Vaccinations options on Time To Pet mobile app - upload file, upload photo, take photo

After selecting the file, you will need to add the vaccination expiration date and click "Upload Record": 

View of Vaccinations tab, option to Update Record on Time To Pet mobile app

You will then be notified that the records have been successfully uploaded and are awaiting review by your pet care company:

View of Vaccinations tab on Time To Pet mobile app - waiting for approval

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