Saving And Sharing Photos From The Time To Pet Client App

The Client Application supports both downloading and sharing of photos from your Client App. 

On both Apple and Android Devices, tap any photo from your Conversation Feed to open the gallery view. From there, scroll left or right to view all photos. If there is a photo you would like to save or share, click the "Save Image" button at the top to save it to your device's photo gallery, or click "Share" to share to an email, text message, or any social media platform you have enabled sharing for. To exit out of the gallery view, click the circled "x" in the upper right-hand corner. 

Here is a short video example of tapping a photo, scrolling left or right in the gallery view, and clicking the "Share" button. 

Short video of Tapping Photo, Scrolling Gallery, Share and Save Image Buttons

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