Event Count

Time To Pet offers an Event Count feature to quickly see how many events are scheduled for all staff members, specific staff members, all clients, specific clients, and for any of the Week, List, or Timeline views available on the Scheduler. The Event Count does not include canceled events or pending template events. The shown Event Count is based on the parameters set in the Filters and for the date(s) displayed on the calendar. Multiple filters can be used at once. To view a list of the Event Count, click directly on the number to the right of "Event Count".

In the example below, we'll use the "Week" view. The same steps can be used for any available view on the Scheduler, however. 

To view an Event Count for all dates displayed, scroll just below the bottom of the calendar window in the bottom right-hand corner. There are 66 events scheduled for all staff from September 11th-17th, 2022: 

Event Count by Week

To view an event count for a specific staff member or staff members, select them from the Staff filter: 

Event Count By Staff

To view an event count for a specific service, click the "Filters" button to expand the options, then select the service from the Service filter: 

Event Count By Service

To view a list view of the Event Count, click directly on the Event Count number: 

List Of Event Count Results

Event Count List

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