Time To Pet Billing & Pricing

Time To Pet is a SaaS (Software As A Service, sometimes referred to as ‘Cloud’) offering that is billed on a monthly basis. At the end of each billing period, we will calculate the total number of active users your company had during that time. Each active user is $13/month. For Team pricing, there is a base price of $25/month. All Prices are displayed and charged in USD.

How Active Users Are Calculated

In Time To Pet, an active user is any user who has at least one scheduled service during the billing period plus all office managers and administrators.

As an example take  ABC Pet Sitting who joins Time To Pet on March 15th. ABC Pet Sitting’s team consists of:

Jane Smith – Office Manager, does no sitting.
John Doe – Administrator, picks up a few sits each day.
Chris Johnson – Sitter scheduled for 12 sits a week.
Mike Williams – Sitter with no scheduled visits.

Their first billing period will be from March 15th – April 14th with payment due on April 15th. On April 15th we will calculate  ABC Pet Sitting’s bill as follows:

Jane Smith (Office Manager)  $13
John Doe (Administrator)  $13
Christ Johnson (Scheduled Sitter)  $13
Mike Williams $0

3 active users + base price
Total Due:  $39 + $25 = $64

Notice that we did not charge for Mike Williams as he had no scheduled visits. There is no need to delete Mike Williams or mark him as inactive just to avoid being charged for him.

One Active User During Billing Period

A single active user resorts to the Solo Pricing, which is a flat rate of $35/month. 

Is There a Contract?

Time To Pet is a no-obligation service that you are free to cancel at any time if you are unsatisfied. You can even cancel in the middle of your billing period and we will only charge you the pro-rated amount based on active users and % of days used for the billing period.

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