Email Integration

By default, Time To Pet will send all generated emails on your behalf using our email processor. For most companies, this is more than sufficient. In most cases, your customers will not even realize that the email did not come directly from your email account.

If using Time To Pet’s email processor is not suitable, we can offload all email to your own email account. Note some email providers impose limitations outside of our control. We *HIGHLY* recommend using Time To Pet's email integration.

Configuring Company Email Address

This is only relevant if you *are* using Time To Pet’s email processing. If you are using your own email provider, email will be sent from the email address configured in Using your Own Email Provider.

Navigate to your Company Settings.

Find the field labelled “Company Email”. This is the address that all emails to our customers will appear to come from. When you first registered, this field was set to the email address used at registration time. The company email address and your login account email address do not have to be the same but can be.

Update your company email address by modifying this field and then click the button labelled “Save Changes”.

Using Your Own Email Provider

Navigate to the Email Integration Page:

Time To Pet utilizes SMTP to send messages from your email account. In order to access your email account, we need your email username, email password, and the SMTP details for your provider.

If you are using one of the more popular email providers, we already know the SMTP details and simply need your username/password. If your email provider is not in the list of popular providers, we would be happy to help you locate the details, just send us a message.

To configure your email integration do the following:

  1. Select your email provider from the list. If it is not listed, select “Other/Not Listed”.
  2. Enter your email username (for most providers this is your email address).
  3. Enter your email password.
  4. If you chose “Other/Not Listed” enter the “SMTP Host”, “SMTP Port” and “SMTP Encryption” as provided by your email host.
  5. Click the button labelled “Save Email Details”.

We will attempt to secure a connection to your email account. You only have to enter these details once. If however,  
you change your email password you will need to update the details here as well. Thats it!

Email Provider Limitations

Most email providers impose limitations on how many emails can be sent by third party services (Time To Pet would be considered a third party in this situation). For example, if your email provider is Google Apps/Gmail, we are limited to sending a maximum of 2000 emails per day. For most companies, this will not be an issue. For more information about your specific email provider see the following links for the most popular email providers.

Gmail/Google Apps Limits

Yahoo Mail Limits

iCloud Limits

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