Adding Manual And Automatic Discounts To Client Invoices

There may be times when you want to add a discount to a client's profile that is automatically included on all of their invoices. Examples of this would be a 10% military, senior, or employee discount. In other situations, you may want to include a special one-off discount meant to encompass a single invoice's worth of visits. Situations where you may want to do this include issuing a credit for a client or a special promotion you may be running for new clients when they sign up. Regardless of the reasoning, adding a manual or automatic discount to your client's invoices allow you to further customize your client's experience and cater to their specific circumstances.

Adding A Manual Discount To A Single Client Invoice

To add a manual discount, navigate to the "Services/Invoices" tab of the client's profile and click on the "Edit" button of the invoice you want to add a discount to under the "Invoices" section:

screenshot of client services/invoices tab with an arrow pointing at the edit button for an invoice

From the Edit Invoice screen, scroll down until you can see the Balance section of the invoice where the subtotal, tax amount, and total amount that the client owes your business can be found. There, you should see a line that reads "Discount" with a pencil icon next to it. Click the pencil icon.

screenshot of balance section of client invoice with an arrow pointing at the pencil icon for the discount field

This will cause two new two fields to appear. The first field is where you will input the amount you would like to issue for the discount (e.g. 10, 20, etc.) and the second field is a dropdown menu that will allow you to choose between a dollar and a percentage sign depending on the type of discount you want to offer.

screenshot of balance section of the invoice showing the discount options

When you are done entering the client's discount, click the checkmark icon in order to save your changes. The discount will now be applied to the invoice and the amounts should automatically update to reflect it. You can also click the arrow icon to cancel the action and return to Edit Invoice screen.

screenshot of balance section of a client's invoice with boxes surrounding the discount line and balance line

Adding An Automatic Discount To All Client Invoices

To add an automatic discount, navigate to the "Services/Invoices" tab of the client's profile and click on the teal edit button underneath Auto Discount: 

screenshot of client profile with red arrow pointing to auto discount

You can then add the discount amount and save:

Image showing 10% Auto Discount and save button

This discount will now be applied to all future invoices for this client.

Note: Invoices that were generated before the auto discount was added to the client profile will not be affected.

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