Delay In Google Calendar Syncing

Time To Pet will occasionally get reports of a delay in events being synced to Google Calendar. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over how often Google Calendar refreshes and updates data from Time To Pet. In some cases, the delay can be 24 hours or more.

Some brief background - Time To Pet uses an iCal feed to manage our third-party calendar integrations. With an iCal feed - the third-party calendar (in this case, Google Calendar) requests updates to events from that feed. This means that Time To Pet is not able to "push" changes to your calendar. It is the calendar that has to "request" updates to events. Some calendar systems allow you to set how often the feed is checked (and therefore events are updated). Unfortunately, Google Calendar does not support this setting. 

According to Google - they report that it may take up to 12 hours for changes in an iCal feed to be reflected in Google Calendar. However, countless observers have stated that the process can take much longer. There are several, very lengthy feeds on Google Calendar Forums related to this issue. Two examples are:!topic/calendar/VNHydDCukDU

While Time To Pet does hope that Google will update their Calendar settings to allow for a user (you) to choose how often iCal feeds are checked by Google, it does not appear that this is a change they will make in the near future. For all of these reasons, we recommend that only your Time To Pet calendar be relied upon for accuracy.

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