Third Party Calendar Integration

Time To Pet supports Calendar Integration with many third party calendars such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, and any provider that supports the iCalendar format. Each provider has a slightly different method for importing the Time To Pet calendars and we have provided links to the most common provider instructions. First, we need to enable this feature (it is disabled by default) and determine how to retrieve the unique Calendar URL for your company and each staff member.

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Enable Third Party Calendar Integrations

By default, third party calendar integrations are not enabled. To enable this feature:

  1. Access Calendar Integration in your Settings (must be done by an admin). 
  2. Locate the option labeled “Calendar Integration“.
  3. Change “Calendar Integration” to Enabled. 
  4. Follow the instructions below to finish the integration with your Company Calendar.

Access The Company Calendar

The company Calendar URL is also located in the Calendar Integration section. 

Once enabled, a new container will appear with the unique Company Calendar URL. This is the URL used when importing into your Calendar Provider.

Accessing Staff Calendars

Staff members can access their unique Calendar URL by visiting the “ My Schedule” page. If “Calendar Integration” has been enabled there will be a button labeled “Calendar Integration“. Clicking this button will launch a popup with the unique URL for your Calendar.

Third Party Provider Integration Instructions

Google Calendar:

Apple iCal:


Yahoo Calendar: (Look for the "Follow Other Calendars" section)

Outlook: The instructions vary for each Outlook version but this video should give you a good idea on how to add the link: (Scroll down and click to expand "Subscribe To A Calendar")

A Note About Third Party Calendar Integrations

  • The Time To Pet calendars that are imported into your third party provider are read only.
  • It is up to your provider to refresh the calendar. Some providers refresh more often than others, some providers allow you to configure how often the refresh happens, and some do not.
  • The iCalendar format provides no method to provide an authentication mechanism around each Calendar URL. Please do not share your unique Calendar URL with anyone you do not want to have access to your calendar.
  • Each sync your calendar application makes will include events for the past 1 month and the next 3 months and is limited to a total of 2,500 events.

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