Changing Time Zone

The time zone for a company is set upon the creation of the Time To Pet account and is based on the initial location provided. If a company moves to a different time zone or if the time zone was set incorrectly from the beginning, you will need to reach out to in order to change the time zone. 

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Mobile Application Time Zone Setting

The time zone in the mobile app will be adjusted accordingly to the mobile device's system time zone. A potential issue is if a staff member has a different time zone on their mobile phone than the company's time zone. An example of how this could cause a problem would be if the staff unknowingly has their time zone set to Pacific Time and the company goes by Mountain Time. In the dashboard calendar, it would show the services to be scheduled starting at 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm.

Image showing an events set to start at 1:00pm and 2:30pm  on the Scheduler according to the company's set time zone

But when the staff is looking at their schedule on the mobile app, it would show the time adjusted for the device's system time (services starting at 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm).

Mobile app screenshot of a staff schedule with the event time set to the time zone of the device

Problem Solving App Time Zone Issues

There are a couple of things you can do if the mobile device system time is showing the incorrect time:

Log out and back into the application - This will ensure that the app has the latest update and is synced properly with the company's calendar. 

Confirm the device's time zone setting - In some cases, the system time may be set to a custom time and not going by a default standard time. You may need to go into the phone's Time and Date setting and make sure it's basing the time zone automatically off the location or has a default time zone select (i.e., Eastern Time, Central Time, etc.). The best way to check the time zone is correct on the device would be to go to on the device to confirm the time zone is correct. 

Working While In A Different Time Zone

In some situations, an admin or office manager may be traveling or on vacation but still needs to be able to manage the Scheduler. When in the dashboard, Time To Pet will detect your device/laptop's system time and display the following message if it differs from the company's time zone setting.

Dashboard notification that although the company's timezone is set to a different timezone from the browser, all times in TTP will use the set timezone

So regardless of your device's time zone, it will always show event times according to the company's time zone. 

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