Making Payment with ACH

Not all companies support ACH and this functionality might not be available

This guide is a walkthrough for customers making payments to an invoice with the ACH method. When making a payment for the first time, you will have to go to the company’s client portal web address to add a payment. Currently, it is not possible to add a new bank account through the mobile app. In most cases, once a bank account is added to the account, you will be able to make payments through the mobile app. 

To add a payment to an invoice, you will want to start off in the “Invoices” section of the client portal. This section will show all the open invoices associated with your account. Select the “Make A Payment” button.

This will prompt you to select which invoice you want to pay. Select an invoice, then "Pay with ACH Transfer" button. 

Once the “Pay With ACH Transfer” button has been selected, a pop-up screen should appear titled WePay along with the input field of adding your bank or selecting from a box with your bank in it, full name, and email address.

Select bank from list of choices and login

If your bank is not listed, or you prefer not to log-in by way of WePay’s interface, there is a back-up micro-deposit authentication that can be done with bank account and routing numbers. To add your bank account with routing numbers, scroll down to Micro-Deposit Bank Authentication section.

If you have more than one account with the bank, the next step will allow you to choose which account you want to connect to make payments. Afterward, you will enter an email address to receive a confirmation and you will have completed the process.

Micro-Deposit Bank Authentication

If your bank was not listed as a pre selectable option, you will have to manually add the bank by confirming a micro deposit.

Add your bank name and continue to complete the name and email field, then select the "Search" button. This will show you a notification that the bank was not found and display an option to manually enter account & routing info, you will want to click on this to continue adding your bank.

This will take you to the next step where you add your bank information (account number and routing number) and then select what type of account it is. It’s important to double check these fields to make sure it is correct. If the information is wrong, the system will not be able to inform you that it’s incorrect and will still try to confirm the bank account. 

This example is using a fake bank name, account number, and routing number:

After selecting the “Next” button, the information will be processed. You should receive an email that informs you that a small deposit will be made to your bank account within the next few days. Once you receive the deposit, you will want to open this email to confirm the deposit amount. It’s important you do not delete this email. 

Once you confirm the deposit amount after selecting the link in the email, your bank account should be synced, and payments can be made through ACH. This is a one time set up, and future payments can be made through your portal by selecting the invoice and selecting the “Pay with ACH Transfer” button.

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