Completing An Event Via The Mobile App

The Time To Pet Mobile App has been designed to make it simple for staff members to view the important client and pet information they need in the field. It's also been designed to complete visits and send updates to clients after each event. In this article, we will review how to complete an event via the app.

Option 1 - GPS And/Or Time Tracking Enabled

If GPS and/or Time Tracking is enabled, events will have to be "started" and "stopped" when in the field. You can view a list of all of your scheduled events in the "Schedule" tab (this is the default tab when you login to the Staff App). You will notice a "Start Timer" button on the bottom right of the event. Clicking this will "start" the event:

After starting the event, you will notice a timer counting down. This timer is based on the "Default Duration" of the event. 

When you are ready, you can click the "Stop Timer" button to stop the timer and begin to add your notes, pictures and answer the Visit Report Card (the Visit Report Card is optional and needs to be enabled before you can answer these questions):

The following screenshot shows the "Post Visit Report" form on the Staff App. You can add an optional message in the text field and can attach (or take) pictures using the Camera/Gallery buttons. If enabled, you can also answer the "Visit Report Card" questions (these will not be shown if the Visit Report Card feature is not enabled).

After completing the Post Visit Report, you can click the "Complete" button. Alternatively, you can save your Post Visit Report as a draft and return to the event:

After completing your event, Time To Pet will send the Post Visit Report to your Client. You will then be returned to the "Schedule" tab of the Staff App where you can complete your next event.

Option 2 - GPS And/Or Time Tracking Not Enabled

If GPS and/or Time Tracking is not enabled, events will have a "Complete" button in the bottom right (instead of the "Start Timer" button) when viewing events in your Schedule tab:

After marking an event as "Complete", you will be brought to the same "Post Visit Report" as listed above.

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