Geo Schedule & Map Staff Schedule

Geo Schedule and Map Staff Schedule are two tools that allow you to view a particular day’s schedule on plotted on a map. They can be accessed in the Daily Summary.

Geo Schedule & Map Staff Schedule - Map Staff Schedule

Geo Schedule

The Geo Schedule screen has three sections. On the left is a time range and a list of your staff members, in the middle is a map with the day’s events plotted on it, and on the right is a list of all the events for the day.

Geo Schedule Screen

By default, the Geo Schedule map will show all events for all staff members, but you can use the time slider on the left to view just the events scheduled within a specific time range,

Geo Schedule - Adjust Time Slider

and you can also select or de-select which staff members schedules to view. In the staff list, you can also see the total number of events each staff member has for the day and how many events they have that are out of the area. “Out Of Area” means that the zip code of the client is not listed in the “Zip Codes Served” field on the staff member’s profile.

Geo Schedule & Map Staff Schedule - Out of area

The Geo Schedule map shows each the address of each event plotted on a map as well as house icons marking the home address of each staff member. Numbered pins indicate the current order of events on each staff member’s schedule. You can click a pin and Time To Pet will highlight that visit in the list of events on the right.

Geo Schedule & Map Staff Schedule - Sample Map

The events list on the right side allows you to change the assigned staff member on events by clicking the pencil icon next to an event.

Geo Schedule & Map Staff Schedule - Change assigned staff member by clicking pencil icon

Map Staff Schedule

Map Staff Schedule allows you to view an individual staff member’s schedule plotted on a map. Directional arrows and numbered pins show the order of events on their schedule.

Map Staff Schedule - Sample Map

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