Enabling Event Started Notifications To Clients

Time To Pet supports automatic notifications to your clients when you or a staff member starts their visit. When the event started notifications are enabled, Time To Pet can send your clients a push notification or text message notification letting them know you have arrived and started their visit. If you have some services that you would like to send event started notifications but others that you do not, you can customize this on a service-by-service basis in the Services List.

Example of In Progress Event - App

Enabling Event Started Notifications

The ability to send event started notifications can be enabled in the Mobile App Configuration Settings section. Note: Time Tracking must also be enabled to be able to send event started notifications. Once you set "Notify Clients Of Event Start" to "Yes", you'll have the option to customize the message that is automatically sent to clients at the start of the event.

Mobile app configuration settings

Enabling Or Disabling Event Started Notifications For A Service

Once you've enabled event started notifications in your Mobile App Configuration Settings, you can configure which service you want them sent on. In the dashboard's Services List, you can set this through the service's "Edit" button and select the option you want for the "Event Started Notification" field:

Edit services screen with box highlighting the event started notification

Enabling Text Message Event Started Notifications

By default, the event started notifications will only be sent as push notifications, and clients would need to have downloaded and be logged into the Mobile App to receive them. 

If you would also like to send event started notifications to your clients as text messages, you can enable this in Integration Settings - Text Messaging. To receive a text message notification, the client will also need to have Texting enabled on their account and have a valid phone number on file.

Notification settings in text messaging feature with an arrow pointing to the event started notification

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