Advanced Webinar - Reporting

Time To Pet conducted a live  Advanced Webinar on Reporting on September 17th, 2020. This webinar focused on the various reports available to you in Time To Pet.

Please note while WePay is included in this webinar, as of 12/31/23, WePay is no longer available for payment processing.

Here is the Q&A from the advanced webinar:

Financial Reports (Starts at 3:15)

Q: Does Revenue Over Time include tips?

Tips and taxes are not included in any revenue report.

Q: What about voided invoices?

Voided invoices are not included in revenue.

Q: Is it possible to pull a report on billable hours? 

Yes, this will be covered in the time reports video later in the webinar.

Q: How do you report CC fees in revenue**

Revenue reports are based on invoice line items and don't take into account credit card fees. You can see reports on credit card fees under the "Invoicing" section if connected to WePay or Time To Pet Payments.

Schedule & Staff Reports (Starts at 18:28)

Some general questions on COVID and the impact on pet care professionals.

Time, Mileage, Pay & Tips Reports (Starts at 28:00)

Q: I don't have staff, but I could track myself I suppose, so I could track myself and my time for efficiency, right?


Q: Why would I not have the billable hours report in my account?

You don't have hourly time tracking enabled. This can be done in Staff Settings > Time & Mileage

Q: We have a service for staff breaks and commute times. Is there a better way to do this? So that it doesn't seem like billable hours? Remove the default times?

If you want to avoid these included in billable hours, have staff clock out of hourly time tracking before starting their break/commute and then clock back in when it is over.

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