Advanced Webinar - Notifications

Time To Pet conducted a live Advanced Webinar on Notifications on November 20th, 2019. This webinar focused on company notifications, client notifications, and staff notifications.

Here is the Q&A from the advanced webinar:

Company Notifications (Starts at 3:03)

Q: If my company does not enable text messaging, does the client have to log in to the app to read their messages?

Clients can also receive messages by email.

Q: For the 2.5 cents per text message, if you go over 250 messages, does that apply for both sending and receiving texts?

Yes, this fee applies to both sent and received text messages.

Q: Can we only text or email clients with visit reports?

Clients can also receive push notifications for visit reports if they have downloaded the mobile app and are logged in.

Client Notifications (Starts at 17:59)

Q: Is there a specific place with notifications (like a regular message) to find private messages?

Private messages will appear in the message notifications (envelope icon) on your dashboard if you have dashboard notifications enabled for private messages.

Q: Do clients have the ability to choose which way they receive updates (email and ƒor text)?

No, this is something you would configure for them on their profile.

Q: How do we avoid staff receiving messages about invoices?

Invoice emails are never visible to staff.

Q: For private messages, clients can only use the Time To Pet app, correct?

Private messages are sent by email and if the client has the app, by push notification.

Q: If I send a private message to a client, is their response automatically private, or do they have to select "Private" when responding?

Their reply would be private.

Staff Notifications (Starts at 28:28)

Q: Some of the features listed say they send a text to only admin/office managers but not to staff.

Certain notifications are for things that only admins/managers have access to, such as service or cancellation requests or notifications that another staff member is late.

Q: Is there a way to see a list of emails attached to invoices we have already sent?

You could view this in Messages using the "System Notifications" filter (although this would include other system notifications and not just invoice emails).

Q: If the client has the app do they also receive an email notification?

They would still receive emails unless you or they had unsubscribed them from system notifications.

Q: For what reason would you want to allow notifications for "staff is sent messages by admin" when you are the admin?

If you have more than one admin.

Q: Is there a way, as admin, to receive a push notification when you are messaging a staff member and they write back? Instead of getting email notifications?

No, push notifications are only available for things that can be viewed or done on the app. It's not currently possible to view staff profiles or conversation feeds on the app.

Q: Is there a way for staff to message each other through the app?

Unfortunately, there is not. This is something we have heard before and is on our requested features list.

Q: Regarding push notifications, is this for only clients who have the Time To Pet app on their phone? How do we introduce this to the client? I did see how we know they have the app on their phone on their profile with the "Has App" tag.

Direct them to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to search for "Time To Pet." Most of our customers will introduce the app during a Meet & Greet.

Q: Can staff set their own notification settings on both the app and the dashboard?

That will depend on whether or not you have "Manage Own Notifications" enabled for them in Staff Settings > Permissions.

Q: Why is the push option not able to receive all notifications?

The app has been designed primarily for staff members so they can keep track of their schedule, mark events as complete, send notes and pictures to their clients, and do everything else they need on a visit by visit basis. Push notifications are only available things related to what can be viewed or done on the app.

Q: For managing staff members' notifications, it was mentioned that this cannot be done on the mobile app, can this be done from an iPad for Admins who have access to managing staff members?

Yes, you can manage staff from a tablet or smartphone by going to the Time To Pet website on your mobile browser.

Q: Do we have to remind clients to reply about anything to do with invoices to send in private message?

Yes, clients would need to go to the "Private" tab to send these messages as a private message. If a client replies directly to an invoice, that response will be added to their main conversation feed.

Q: What is the "My Messages" tab in the app?

This is the same as the "Conversation" tab on your profile. This would be for messages between you and the admin team.

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