Using the Local Pet Care Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Local Pet Care is a tool created by Time To Pet to help connect pet parents searching for pet care with local, qualified, and professional pet care providers. In addition, Local Pet Care also helps pet care businesses find and hire qualified pet care professionals through our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The ATS is a free tool that allows you to create and manage job postings for your pet care business. You can also keep notes on applicants, adjust their status, and find the perfect candidate to join your company!

Applicant Tracking is available to both US-based companies and International companies. If you are an international company and having any trouble enabling ATS, please contact our support team and we can assist.

Locating ATS

The Applicant Tracker tool can be found in the “Jobs” section of your Local Pet Care dashboard.

If you are a customer of Time To Pet, you can navigate here from the Local Pet Care page in your Dashboard and look for the “Manage on” button.

If you are not a customer of Time To Pet, you can navigate directly to your Local Pet Care Dashboard.

Once in the Local Pet Care Dashboard, look for the “Jobs” section in the sidebar.

Creating a Job

To create a new job, click the “+ New Job Posting” button.

When creating a new Job Posting, you can add a title, and a description which includes various formatting tools.

You can also control the “Job Visibility”. When you have jobs created, your Local Pet Care profile will include a “We’re Hiring!” button that links to your Company Job Board. In the future, we will also create a “Global Job Board” so job seekers can find jobs based on a location search. By default, the job will include all of your “Company Zip Codes” (these can be found in your Business Profile on Local Pet Care) or you can set specific zip codes. Again – this will be more relevant when the Global Job Board tools are released.

After saving and adding your job, you can review the Job Posting, any applicants, and the details. You can also get a “Share Link” for this specific job.

The “Share Link” will create a unique link for this job. This link can be added directly to your website or can be shared directly with applicants.

Viewing Your Live Job Post

You can view your new Job Posting by clicking the Share Link or by navigating to your Local Pet Care profile page. You will see a “We’re hiring!” button if you have active job postings.

Here is an example of what a job posting may look like. Please note this would include your logo and all of the information you entered for the job.

At the bottom of this page is a button to Apply Now or see more jobs at the company (in this case, Sample Pet Care Business):

How Job Seekers Apply

When applying, an applicant can include their name, email, phone number, and any notes. They can also include attachments by dragging and dropping them into the attachment section or clicking and uploading.

Accepted file types for attachments include .pdf, .docx, .doc, and .txt files. Here is an application ready to be submitted.

After an applicant submits their application, we do attempt to verify their email address.

The subject line of the email sent to the applicant is “Verify your email to finish applying to BUSINESS NAME”.

The email address can be verified by clicking the link in the email or the applicant can edit their application here.

You will also receive an email when a new application is submitted.

Reviewing Applicants

To reviewing your applicants, navigate to the Local Pet Care Dashboard and look for your job in the Jobs section. You will notice a tab for “Applicants”. Applicants can be viewed in a Kanban-style board or in a table format.

Here is the table view.

Clicking on an Applicant allows you to view more details.

You may notice the “Verification Pending” on the email. A verified email would appear like this.

You can change the status from here, review the details of the application, add company notes, or download the attachment.

The “Status” of an applicant can be changed by clicking the “Change” button from this view.

Or applicants can be “dragged and dropped” using the Kanban view to change their status.

Here is a view with applicants across various statuses.

Closing The Job Post

After the position has been filled (or you are no longer hiring), you can “close” the job post.

When you close a job, applications are no longer accepted. However, you can reopen the job in the future.

Reopening The Job Post

To reopen a job, find the job in your Dashboard and look for the “Reopen” button.

When reopening a job, you can either reset the applicants (clear them out) or keep the current applicants.

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