Splitting Pending Requests On Mobile Web Browser

This article will be covering the steps for splitting a pending request on a mobile web browser.

Note: For more information on how to access and use Time To Pet on a mobile web browser, check out our article on Best Practices For Using Time To Pet In The Field.

1. From the Scheduler, navigate to your "Pending Requests" tab.
2. Find the pending request you would like to split and tap "Process".

Mobile view of the scheduler with a pending request and an arrow pointing to the process button

3. An "Edit Request" button should appear above the list of services, and there should be a downward arrow with this button. Tap the arrow.

Mobile view of a pending request and the Edit Request button outlined

4. A menu should appear with some options. Tap the "Spilt Request" option.

Mobile view of the Edit Request menu with the Spilt Request option outlined

5. You will then be prompted to choose how you would like to split the request.

Mobile view of the options for splitting a request

6. Once you are done splitting the events, tap "Split Request".

Mobile view of requested events split monthly and the Spilt Request button outlined

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