Best Practices For Using Time To Pet In The Field

The Time To Pet App is tailored to simplify key tasks between visits, including event completion, client communication, and GPS tracking. That said, the App does not include administrative tools like scheduling or invoicing.

However, we've got you covered even when you're on the move. The Time To Pet website is fully responsive and functional on mobile devices. This means you can effortlessly manage your tasks as an admin without the need to carry your laptop around. Simply visit on your phone's web browser to log in and access all the features.


In this guide, we'll show you how to add the Time To Pet website to your phone's home screen for easy access while you're out and about. Additionally, we'll provide a walkthrough of using the mobile version of our site, highlighting differences in functionality on smaller screens.

If you're looking for a full overview of all screens available in Time To Pet, check out our help doc on Navigating Time To Pet.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll use videos and images from an Apple iPhone. However, these actions function very similarly whether you are using Android or iOS, with only slight differences in the "look" of the operating system.

Terminology Note: If you use independent contractors and not employees, the terminology you see in this article may differ from what your account says. If your Staff Settings are configured to use independent contractors, you will see "users" and "invoices" instead of "staff" and "pay stubs". For this article, we will use the employee terminology "staff" and "paystubs".

Add The Time To Pet Website To Your Phone's Homescreen

We highly recommend "bookmarking" the website version of Time To Pet on your phone's home screen. Saving to your home screen allows you to open the website with just a tap.

reen with bookmark added next to time to pet app

For detailed instructions for your specific device and browser, please use the following links:

Navigating The Time To Pet Website On A Mobile Device

Home Page

When you first log in (or each time you tap the bookmark from your home screen), you'll be brought to the Home page. This screen lists the current day's company schedule by default, but you can use the dropdown menu to filter just your personal schedule. You can click the "Map" button to quickly open the client's address on your phone's navigation app, as well as mark events complete. You can also clock in, clock out, and track mileage from the bottom of the screen if these features are enabled for your company and personal staff profile.

home screen of on moobile device

The Navigation Menu

To access the navigation menu, click the "hamburger" button in the top left corner:

red arrow pointing to hamburger icon in top left corner of website on mobile device

You'll find the same menu options as on the desktop website, along with "Help" and "My Account" buttons (accessible on the desktop version by clicking your profile photo in the top right corner).

navigation menu on mobile device

Tap the expansion arrow to see more options within each menu item:

red arrow pointing to expansion arrow on mobile device

Expanding And Minimizing Rows Of Data

In order to fit the Time To Pet website on a much smaller phone screen while making sure everything is easy to read and navigate, some rows of data have been "split" and require you to click the green plus sign to expand the row and view the rest of the information.

For example, here is an example of how the Client List looks on a larger screen. The Name, Phone, Email, Pets, and Address columns are all visible at a glance.

client list on desktop version of website

On much smaller phone screens, it would be impossible to fit all of these columns while remaining clear and readable, so they are moved to a new line that is minimized by default. In this example, only the Name, Phone, and Email columns are visible, but we can click the green plus sign to expand the row and view the Pets and Address columns:

red arrow pointing to green plus sign on mobile device and resulting expanded item

Some screens may have the green plus sign on the left side of the screen instead of the right:

red arrow pointing to green plus sign on mobile device and resulting expanded item

To display more columns on your screen without the need to expand individual data rows, simply rotate your device for a horizontal view:

horizontal mobile device

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