Best Practices For Using Time To Pet In The Field


Time To Pet's mobile app, found here in iTunes, and here in the Google Play store, have been designed primarily for staff members so they can keep track of their schedule, mark events as complete, send notes and pictures to their clients and do everything else they need on a visit by visit basis.

If you as the admin need a little more control, we’ve made sure to build a fully functional website that resizes and works just as great on mobile as it does on a computer. All you need to do is enter (that's the same address you enter on your computer) on any mobile browser, log in, and you have access to all of the helpful Time To Pet features right there on your phone.

Here, we'll discuss how to bookmark the mobile website for quick access in the field as well as how to use advanced features while on the go.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll be using the term "Staff" instead of "User". Staff (for employee) and "User" (for independent contractors) are used interchangeably in this case however, your account will reflect what you have set under Staff Settings - General.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll be using videos from an iOs device, however, these actions are very similar whether you are using Android or iOs with slight differences in the "look" of the operating system.

Bookmark the Mobile Version of Time To Pet

The first step is to bookmark the mobile version of Time To Pet on your phone. Saving to your home screen allows you to tap it and open the website in one step.

Here's how to do this on Apple devices
Here's how to do this on Android devices

Getting Familiar With Frequently Used Features Using The Mobile Version Of Time To Pet

Here, we'll get familiar with many of the actions you can take on the mobile version of Time To Pet while out in the field.


This is where you can see your schedule, or use the dropdown to view your entire company's schedule. It's also possible to clock in and clock out, and track mileage if you've enabled this feature.


Need help? Contact the team at Time To Pet from the Contact Us button. Or, immediately find exactly what you're looking for in our comprehensive Knowledge Base.

My Account

Edit My Info will allow you to update your phone, email, emergency contact, change your password, adjust your notifications and client subscriptions.

Learn more about company, staff and client notifications here: Advanced Webinar - Notifications

Billing is where you can grab your referral link to earn coupons on your account, see all of your Time To Pet billing information, update the card you use to pay your Time To Pet subscription, and see all of your subscription payment history.

Product Updates will show you all of our new and shiny product update releases and feature improvements.

Logout of Time To Pet if you need to log in to your client account, or want to log out for security reasons.


Client List will bring up a list of all of your active clients. There is also a red button in the upper right hand of your Client List should you need to access one of your clients who has manually been marked as inactive called "Inactive Clients".

It's also possible to search for a client in the search bar one logged in to Time To Pet's mobile version on your browser.

Add New Client allows you to add a new client while out in the field. Fill out their primary information and send them a Client Welcome Email (or opt-out of sending one) right from this spot.

Remember, Clients can fill out and sign all of your required paperwork themselves from their online portal. Alternatively, you can fill out your client's paperwork yourself while at a consultation, meet and greet, or need to update information already entered.

Documents are where you can quickly list (and search) for Client Documents (these are docs uploaded to each client's profile) or Global Documents (these are documents all clients can view on their accounts.) If you need to upload a global document, you can do this right from your phone under the Global Documents tab. If you need to upload a document to your client's profile, visit their profile and click on their name, and click on the Documents tab to upload a doc specific to their profile.

Keys will show you a list of all keys in Time To Pet and where they are currently in possession. Click the box next to "Inactive clients" in the upper right-hand corner to include inactive clients on your list. Update the "Status" field to search by specific location or All Locations. Use the Bulk Reassign tool to reassign all keys with the same source to a new destination. For example, you can bulk reassign all keys from staff member John Doe to 'At Office'. Export Key Data to download a .csv file on the go (please note: individual phone capabilities can differ depending on their model.)

Pet List has many different filtering options, All Birth Dates, Before Date, After Date, Between Dates that can also be filtered by status, Active, Deceased Only, Inactive Only, Deceased & Inactive or All Pets. This list can also be exported to a .csv file on the go (please note: individual phone capabilities can differ depending on their model.) The Vaccinations tab also has multiple filters for All Vaccinations and Missing Vaccinations and an exporting feature as well. The Vet List will allow you to quickly add a vet, see a list of all vets, edit a vet, and export your Vet list.


The Scheduler button under the Scheduler heading is the complete schedule for your entire company. Here, you can filter by a staff member, Client, and by clicking the "Filters" button also by Service, or you can click "Time Off" to show company time off, or click "Hide Cancelled" to show canceled events. Also available here is "Conflict Mode." Conflict mode will show you scheduled events that are potentially in conflict because the staff member is either overbooked (multiple events at the same time) or has a scheduled event during approved time off. Other features here that are also available on the desktop version of Time To Pet are the Bulk Update tool (update multiple events at one), Block (block days from being scheduled) and Schedule tool (schedule a client.)

You can also turn your phone to landscape mode to make the screen wider when performing actions in the field and viewing your scheduler.

The Daily Summary will give you a scheduling summary of that day's events. You can see if an event has been started, which block it's in, and even if there are missing keys. You can also optionally Group By Staff, Group By Time Block. Show Missing Keys enabled on Daily Summary:

Scheduling Summary Mobile WebsiteThe Time Off link will show you the Company Time Off Calendar. You can also filter this by staff as well as Add Time Off for any staff member.

My Schedule

My Schedule allows you to clock in or out and track your mileage (if enabled.) You can also sort your schedule by Client, and Hide or Show your Company Calendar, Add Time Off for yourself, and access your Calendar Integration link.


Invoice List is a list that will display all invoices that meet the filters you set. For example, you can set the year, and see a total of Unpaid, Paid, and Past Due invoices. You can also set the filter to show different invoice statuses such as All, Open, Paid, Past Due and Void. You can also use the search field to search for specific client invoices. Clicking on the green "+" button will bring up more details on each specific invoice

Read more about invoice statuses here: Invoice Statuses

Bulk Invoicing allows you to perform certain actions on multiple invoices at once saving you time and effort. Currently, you can email invoices, send confirmations, add manual payments (i.e cash/check), charge (only available if credit card processing is enabled on your account), apply credits to, and apply open payments to invoices in bulk.

Read more about bulk invoicing here: Bulk Invoicing

Links to your credit card processor will also appear here if you integrate with WePay or Time To Pet Payments Powered by Stripe. Here, you'll be able to see your Withdrawals and Payments and details for each as well as generate a report to see total processing fees for the values you set in the search fields. 


Staff List is a list of all of your Admins, Office Managers, Staff and Trainees in your account. From here, you can also add a new staff member using the "+New Staff" button, or view your inactive staff, using the "View Inactive Staff" button. You can click on any staff member's name to see their settings (View Settings), conversation feed, schedule, keys, services they are scheduled for, time & mileage tracking, their custom rates, documents (docs), pay stubs (or invoices) and their activity feed. Their blue Quick Actions button brings up a menu that contains viewing their settings, send activation email, notification diagnosis, make inactive, or force logout.

It's also possible to search for a staff member in the search bar one logged in to Time To Pet's mobile version on your browser.

Add New Staff will bring you directly to the page where you can add a new staff member, their details, and set their role.

Learn about the different roles in Time To Pet and their permissions here: Staff Permissions

Documents will show a list of documents on each Staff member's profile, or all Global Documents under the Global Documents tab.

Happiness is a link to all Happiness Scores that have been submitted by clients. Share the feedback with staff members directly from the "Share Feedback" next to each Happiness Score.

Learn more about the Happiness Score here: Happiness Score

Pay Center has the ability to view and generate pay stubs, view a pay report, view and disburse tips, generate a tip report, and see pay rates for all staff.

My Pay gives you (or your staff) a place to see your estimated pay, past pay stubs (and, if enabled, a place to generate a pay stub), a list of their tips, and the clients who tipped them, their rates that they are paid for services, and their time and mileage tracking.


Here is where you can approve staff or trainee conversations, time off, or clients who have Created New Accounts

Remember, for all scheduling requests, those will need to be done in the Scheduler


View various messages all in one place. Here, see a list of all client messages and tags, and private messages. Email clients in bulk with a new email campaign. See all staff messages and tags. Email staff in bulk with a new email campaign. View and download all photos added to Time To Pet in the Gallery.


Services & Holidays will show all of the services you have listed in Time To Pet. The Holidays tab lists all holidays you have entered into Time To Pet. Under each tab, adjust their price, extra fees, duration, GPS tracking and much more. Under each service is also the setup, auto fees, and frequency discount tabs.

Packages are all of the packages you have set up for clients. Adjust their services and prices here in the Packages tab. The Packages Renewal Report will show all current packages that have not been closed out and the status of each package.


Financial Reports will give you your revenue, payments and a sales report.

Here you can read more about the different financial reports: Understanding The Different Financial Reports

Schedule Reports offer different reports on pending requests, pending request volume, scheduled visits, incomplete visits, printable schedules, upcoming first/last visits, visits, and visit volume.

Staff & Clients offers more than 30 different filters that can be used to gather more information on either staff or clients.

Time and Mileage Reports are helpful if you are needing time reports for scheduled visits, time off, time shifts and mileage by date.


Company Settings

Here you can set you general company settings, client fields, pet fields, flags, messaging, saved replies, scheduler, and theme settings.

Invoicing & Payments

Here you can set your invoice settings, as well as your settings for accepting credit cards.

Mobile App is where you can download the mobile app or get links to download the mobile app, configure the app, configure your visit report cards and configure the field visibility for fields you want to show, or not show, on the mobile app for your staff members.

Client Settings Here, you can change the client naming convention under General. You can also use the Pets tab to set pet birthday reminders, adjust the vaccinations tool, edit your client agreement, adjust portal settings and configure portal settings and schedule blocks (including the client time display.)

Staff Settings

Under the General tab, you can set if you use contractors or employees, where staff support requests are sent, edit staff pay stub defaults, and prevent early event completion. You can also adjust all permissions for every role in your company (Admin, Office Manager, Staff, Trainee) and enable (or disable) hourly tracking, track GPS, or enable clocking in and out and mileage tracking under the Time & Mileage tab.

Integrations are where you can work with all of our integrations in Time To Pet. This includes setting up your backup with your Dropbox account (optional.)

More information our integration with Dropbox backup integration: Dropbox Integration

We offer a read-only backup website in which your account data is accessible at

Edit your third party calendar integration, integrate with Quickbooks Online and adjust your settings in texting.


Set up your Happiness score and adjust company notifications.

Our Advanced Notifications Webinar is a must-watch for any company that has an account with Time To Pet! Advanced Webinar - Notifications

Review Email Logs to see if a client or staff member has received and opened any particular message sent through Time to Pet. Use the Bulk Notification Editor to adjust notification settings for your entire team at the same time.

Learn about the Bulk Notification Editor and how best to use it: Bulk Notification Editor

Bulk Custom Client Rates allows you to set custom rates for your clients in bulk. Please review our Bulk Update Service Rates help article for more information.

Keys tab is for some businesses that store keys at locations outside of their main office (like at a key storage box or at a secondary office). If that is the case, you can create custom key locations for your business. You can learn more about keys in the Managing Client Keys help article. Any changes must be saved.

FAQ Videos

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How do I drag and drop on my scheduler?
Hold down and drag the event you would like to move:

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How do I add a service?
Click on Services -> Add New Service:

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How do I update a client's information or their pet's information?
First, navigate to the client's profile: 

Update Client And Pet Info In The Field Mobile Website

How do I send a portal activation email to a client? 

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How do I send an activation email to a staff member?

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How do I mark an event as canceled or cancel an event on the scheduler?

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How do I change the time of an event on the scheduler?
Note: It's also possible to drag and drop or edit an individual event to change the time of an event as well. 

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How do I edit permissions or roles for staff members?

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How do I log in as a client?

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How do I approve a template? 

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How do I mark a staff member as inactive?

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How do I block a day for service requests and how do I delete a blocked day?

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