Moving Services Between Invoices On Mobile Web Browser

This article will be covering the steps for moving services between invoices on a mobile web browser.

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  1. Open the service order you would like services to be moved to (the destination service order) above the Scheduler.

    This can be done by clicking an event on the scheduler and clicking the three bars in the upper right corner of an event.

    Mobile view of as event selected on the scheduler with arrow pointing to three horizontal bars

This can also be done by clicking the calendar icon next to an invoice or service.

Mobile view of invoice section on client profile with arrow pointing to calendar icon

  1. With the service open above the scheduler, tap the "Claim Existing Order" link within the service order details.

    Mobile view of service order with Claim Exisiting Services link outlined

  2. A window will appear with options for claiming services in bulk or individual services. Select an option and begin claiming services.

    mobile view with window showing options for claiming services

To claim in bulk, enter a date range.

mobile view of claiming services in bulk with field for entering a date range

To claim individually, tap on the event directly on the calendar.

animation of servcies being claimed directly from the scheduler

  1. Once you are finished selecting services, be sure to tap "Finish Claiming Services".

    mobile view of service order with Finish Claiming Services button outlined

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