How To Send A Confirmation Email To Your Clients

Whenever a client requests services through their Client App or Client Portal, and those requests are approved or rejected by your company, an email will automatically be sent out to your client to inform them of the status of their request. When sent after processing a service request, the email includes a list of all the services that the client requested and states whether each service was approved or marked as unavailable.

When clients receive their confirmation email, the message will include one of the following subject lines: “Your Requested Services Have Been Approved”; “Some of Your Requested Services Need Attention”; or “We Are Unable To Approve Your Requested Services”. The subject line they receive will depend on whether or not you approved all of their requested services, some of their requested services, or none of their requested services.

Though this email is typically set to go out automatically to clients ten minutes after the request has been processed, there may be times when you choose not to send a confirmation email or when you would like to resend a previously sent confirmation email. This may be due to an update in a client’s booking, or perhaps you would like to remind them of their upcoming services. In such cases, you may choose to send a service confirmation manually.

To send a service confirmation manually, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. First, you will need to navigate to the Service Order containing the services you want to re-confirm with your clients. Service Orders can be loaded in one of the ways below:
    1. Service Orders can be loaded by clicking the "Calendar" button from the Invoice List

      screenshot of invoice list with an arrow pointing at the calendar link listed after an invoice number

    2. Or by clicking the "Calendar" button from any client's profile via the Services/Invoices tab

      screenshot of services/invoices tab on a client profile with an arrow pointing at the calendar link

    3. Or by clicking the "Calendar" button from Invoicing > Bulk Invoicing

      screenshot of bulk invoicing list with an arrow pointing at the calendar link listed after the invoice number

  2. After the Service Order has been loaded, look at the upper left-hand corner to where it says “Confirmation”. If no confirmation email has been sent, it will say “No Confirmation Sent”. If a confirmation email was previously sent, however, it will instead list the date and time it was initially emailed. Following the confirmation email’s sent status, you will want to click the link that says “Send Confirmation”.

    screenshot of service order with an arrow pointing at send confirmation link

  3. Once you click the link, a new window will pop up that will allow you to adjust the email’s custom message or, if you click the arrow next to the “Send Confirmation” button, schedule the email to be sent at a later date or time. If you are ready to send the confirmation email to your client immediately, click the “Send Confirmation” button.

    screenshot of send confirmation popup

For more information on scheduling confirmation messages, please see our help article here: Sending Scheduled Confirmation Emails To Clients.

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