Using the Daily Visit Map

We’re excited to introduce the Daily Visit Map feature in Time To Pet. The Daily Visit Map feature lets staff view their scheduled events by day on a map within the app. By tapping the map icon, they can see all their events and easily get directions from their current location.

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Check out this video from our Onboarding Team showing the Daily Visit Map!

demo video of Daily visit Map

When you open the Time to Pet staff app, the default screen lists events scheduled for that day. You can now view this list of events on a map by pressing the map icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

view of sample daily visit map

See Scheduled and Completed Visits on a Map

To access this view, look for the "Map" icon on the Schedule List.

view of sample daily visit map button

Get Directions to Your Visits

You can also use the Daily Visit Map to route your visits in Google or Apple Maps with directions from your current location. You can either open directions to a single destination by pressing the Route Icon on the list below the map or open all visits by pressing the "Open Route" button.

The visits will be routed according to the visit time. You can use your phone's map app to easily re-arrange or delete stops.

Note: Rearranging addresses on the map does not affect the scheduled time of any events.

view of sample daily visit map on apple maps with multiple events

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