Your Pets

Using the Pets page, you can keep your current pet’s information up to date as well as informing us of any new pets.

Add A New Pet

To add a new pet click the “New Pet” button. 

Image of New Pet button on Your Pet page to add a new pet to your profile in Client Portal

Using the new screen, fill out as many details about your pet as you can.

Optionally, you can also attach a picture to help us better identify your pet by clicking "Choose File" and selecting the picture you would like to upload: 

Select "choose file" to upload a picture of your pet to their profile

When done adding your pet’s details, click the “Save Pet” button at the bottom of the screen. 

Image showing Edit Pet screen where details about pet can be entered and Save Pet button at the bottom of the screen

The more up to date your pet’s details are, the better service we can provide. To edit your pet’s information, click the Edit button for the pet’s information you want to edit. 

This can be done by clicking "Edit Details" under your pet's name under the Pets section in your portal: 

Image of Pet Profile under Your Pets section in Client Portal with red arrow pointing to the "Edit Details" option

Or this can be done by clicking "Edit (your pet's name)" at the bottom of your pet's profile under the Pets section in your portal: 

Image of edit your pet button appearing at the bottom of your pet's profile

The same screen you use to add a new pet will appear. Update the appropriate information in here and then click the “Save Pet” button.

Remove A Pet

If a pet needs to be removed form your profile, you can request for its removal by selecting "Remove Pet" at the bottom of their profile:

Image of bottom of pet profile with an arrow pointing to the Remove Pet option

An additional pop up window will appear to add a note with your removal request. This will get sent to the admin team to process. 

Image of pop up window to add a note for pet removal request

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