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How To Delete Time Off As Admin Or Office Manager

In this article, we'll discuss how to delete time off as an Admin or Office Manager with permissions enabled to delete time off. While time off can be viewed on the main Scheduler with the time off filter enabled, time off will need to be deleted directly from the Company Time Off Calendar. It's not possible to edit time off after it's been approved; it's only possible to delete it.

Admins have permission to delete time off as a locked enabled permission. Office Managers need this permission enabled in order to delete time off:

To delete time off, first, click the dropdown to the right of the Scheduler:

Schedule Dropdown option

Then, click on the Time Off option:

Scheduler > Time Off option

Then click directly on any time off that you want to delete. Depending on the type of time off, the deletion options will differ:

View of Company Time Off Calendar > click directly on any time off for deletion options

For example, this is for recurring time off:

View of sample recurring time off

This is for a single time off shift that needs to be deleted:

View of single time off shift

Adding Time Off Or Availability For A Staff Member

In Time To Pet, you can easily add time off or time available for your staff members. If you prefer to use time available instead of time off, you can update this in the Settings tab of the Company Time Off Calendar.

To add time off for a staff member, navigate to Scheduler > Time Off and then click the "Add Time Off" button: 

Pop up window to add staff time off

You can then select who the time off is for and add the request.

Pop up window to add staff availability

If using time available, the same process will allow you to add when a staff member is available for events:

Changing Your Time Off/Time Available Method

In the settings tab of the Company Time Off Calendar, you are able to select which method you want users to add their time off or time available. The default method set is for a user to add their "Time Off". The other option is for the user to add their "Time Available"Only one setting (Time Off or Time Available) can be used at one time. 

Company Off User Availability Settings

Changing Settings Implications

If you have been using the "Time Off" setting and want to change it to "Time Available"it will remove all current time off requests. 

change staff/user availibility warning

Because of this, we recommend staying with the initial selection if you have active time off requests.

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