Automatic Extra Pet Rates

Time To Pet can be configured to automatically apply extra pet rates for a client’s scheduled services. These rates are set on a service by service basis, and each additional pet can be configured to have a different rate.

Configuring Extra Pet Rates

  1. Navigate to Services.
  2. Create a new service or edit an existing service.
  3. Under "Extra Pet Rates" you can set the rate for each additional pet.
    1. "Extra Pet +" means that this pet and all additional pets will have this rate.
    2. "Extra Pet" means that only this additional pet will have this rate applied.
  4. Click the “Save Changes” button.

For example, using the image above as an example, the first additional pet will cost $1.00, the second additional pet will cost $2.00, the third additional pet will cost $3.00. Since we have chosen “3rd Extra Pet +” any additional pet after the 3rd will also cost $3.00. If instead we selected “3rd Extra Pet”, any additional pet after the third would cost $0.

Applying Extra Pet Rates

When scheduling services for a client, the extra pet rate will be automatically calculated and applied based on the number of selected pets and the service. This also applies to services requested through the client portal.

The number of extra pets and the cost is calculated for you, but you can override this value on an event by event basis. You can completely disable the extra pet fee by unchecking the checkbox next to “Extra Pets”.

You can also manually add an extra pet rate to any scheduled service by selecting the checkbox and entering a cost greater than $0.00.

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