Invoice Statuses

An invoice in Time To Pet goes through various stages, each reflected by a different status. These status changes occur automatically based on various triggers throughout Time To Pet.

screenshot of list of invoices with arrow pointing at the status column

Draft – The default status for an invoice. An invoice that does not meet the other status criteria will be a Draft invoice. This essentially means that no action has occurred on the invoice.

Sent To Client – The invoice has not received payment yet and has been emailed to the client.

Partially Paid – The invoice has received payment but has not been paid in full.

Paid – The invoice has been paid in full.

Past Due – The invoice has not been paid in full, and the due date is in the past.

Void – The invoice has been manually marked as Void.

Note: The Portal Settings page allows you to change various settings that affect how your clients interact with the Client Portal and App, including when they see their paid and unpaid invoices.

Visit our help article on Show Unpaid Invoices for more information.

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