Portal Settings

The  Portal Settings page allows you to change various settings that affect how your clients interact with the Client Portal. All of the settings are listed below with a description.

Allow Clients To Create Accounts

By default, clients cannot create their own accounts. Setting this option to “Yes, Accounts Require Approval” will allow your clients to create their own account which will be in a pending state until approved by an administrator. Setting this option to “Yes, Auto Approve Accounts” will allow your clients to create their own account without having to be approved by an administrator; these clients will be automatically added to your Client List and have access to their client account after they submit your New Client Form. All administrators will be notified when a new account is created.

When set to “Yes, Accounts Require Approval” or “Yes, Auto Approve Accounts”, this option will display a unique url that you can put on your website so that clients can start creating their own accounts.

You can also customize which fields new Clients are required to fill out before creating their account. Note it is not possible to remove the Name or Email fields from the list.

Private Messaging Enabled

When set to Yes, there will be a new Private Messages feed on each Clients account only visible by the Client and Administrators.

Show Sitters To Clients

When set to Yes, clients will be able to see the name of the assigned staff member both in the portal and on confirmation emails.

Show Paid Invoices In Portal

By default, only unpaid invoices will be shown in the portal. Setting this to Yes will allow your clients to see every invoice including paid ones.

Hide Draft Invoices From Portal

By default, Draft invoices will be displayed to clients in their portal and will be available for payment. If this option is set to Yes only “Sent to Client”, “Partially Paid”, “Past Due” and “Paid” (if Show Paid Invoices In Portal is set to Yes) will be shown in the portal.

Show Prices In Portal

When set to Yes, the price of each service will be displayed when clients are making requests.

Allow Tipping In Portal

By default, Clients can add a tip to Invoices they pay through the Portal. If you would prefer this not be the case, you can set this setting to No.

Portal Notifications

Portal Notifications are messages that are displayed at the top of every page in the Client’s portal.

Portal notifications have three states:
Not Shown – Will not be displayed in the Portal.
Visible – Visible in the Portal forever.
Visible With Expiration Date – Visible until the specified expiration date is past (the message will be displayed on the expiration date, but not after).

Force Required Fields For Scheduling Requests  

It can be pretty hard to pet sit when you don’t know a client’s address. This option allows you to force your clients to fill out required profile information before any scheduling requests can be submitted. By default in Time To Pet only the Client’s name is required. You can, however, make any field required in the  Custom Field configuration.

No - Missing required fields will not be checked.

Yes, Client Info Only - The system will only verified that required fields are all filled out on the My Info section.

Yes, Client & Pet Info - The system will verify that My Info and each Pet has all required fields filled out.

Yes, Client/Pet Info & Require at least 1 pet - Not only will the system verify that all required fields are filled out, it will also verify that the client has at least one pet on file.

When requesting services and the required checks fail your Client will see a notification similar to this:

Forced Credit Card For Scheduling Requests

If set to Yes, this setting will require a client to have a credit card on file before requesting services. This setting will only take effect if your company has  Credit Card Processing enabled.

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