Locked Invoices

Locking an invoice means you will not be able to edit the invoice or edit events associated with the invoice (like moving, adding, or removing events) unless you specifically “unlock” the invoice. This can be useful to prevent making accidental changes to an invoice.


Locking An Invoice

You can manually lock any invoice anytime by opening the Edit Invoice screen and clicking the "Lock Invoice" button:

Locked Invoices - Lock Invoice button

Configuring Auto Invoice Locking

In Invoice Settings, you can configure your settings to lock invoices automatically when they are paid and/or emailed to the client. This will prevent you from making accidental changes to an invoice your client has already seen.

  1. Using the sidebar navigation select “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Invoicing & Payments” in the sidebar.
  3. You can disable/enable auto-locking when invoices are emailed and when a payment is applied. 

    Locked Invoices - Auto Lock On Payment

  4. Don’t forget to Save your changes.

For example, if a client pays $100 for an Invoice, and the next day a $20 service is added, this would move the Invoice from 'Paid' to 'Past Due.' Many companies would instead like this visit added to a new invoice, and auto-locking makes it easy to do that. 

Note: A locked invoice can still have payments applied and is still visible to clients in their portal; however, no other changes can be made to the invoice while locked.

Unlocking An Invoice

Invoices can be unlocked at any time.

Unlocking from the Scheduler

When a locked invoice is loaded on your Scheduler, an "Invoice Locked" button will be shown in the top right corner:

Locked Invoices - Unlock Button from the scheduler

Click on this button to unlock the invoice.

Unlocking/Locking From Invoice Editor

While editing an invoice, you can unlock or lock it anytime.

  1. Edit the invoice in question.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the invoice and look for the Lock/Unlock button.
  3. Click this button. If the invoice is currently locked, the button will display “Unlock Invoice.” If the invoice is currently unlocked, the button with display “Lock Invoice.”

    Locked Invoices - Unlock Invoice button

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