Blocking Service Days

Through the use of Schedule Blocks, you can configure what times of the day are available to your clients for service requests.

You also have the ability to block entire days from service requests. If a day is blocked, your clients will not be able to request service on that day from their portal, however, you will still be able to schedule events for them.

Client service request form with No Times Available under the "Time" dropdown

Blocking A Day From Service Requests

Blocking a day from service requests is easy and can be done directly from your schedule.

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler. 
  2. Locate the red button labeled “Block Day” in the upper right corner and click it.
  3. A popup window will appear. Select the day you wish to block. Once you have selected a date, click the button labeled “Block This Day”. 

    Block Day feature pop up window with date selection Block Day pop up window with date selected and "Block This Day" button

  4. The popup window will disappear and the day will be marked with an event “Service Day Blocked".

Image of the Scheduler showing the blocked service day

Deleting a Service Day Block

  1. Locate the day that has been blocked on your calendar.
  2. Click on the event for that day up top labeled “Service Day Blocked”. A new popup will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete.

    Pop up window to delete the Service Block

  3. Confirm that you want to delete by clicking the button labeled “Yes, Delete Service Block”.
  4. Your calendar will refresh and now indicate that the day is available for service requests.
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