Schedule Blocks

Using the client portal, your customers can request service appointments which significantly cuts down on the number of emails and phone calls you have to handle. However, If customers were able to request appointments at anytime on any day though it could quickly get out of hand. As the business owner you should be in control of your schedule, not your customers.

This is where Schedule Blocks come in. Schedule blocks allow you to specify pre-defined periods of time on a day by day basis that your customers can then choose from when requesting services. Instead of selecting a visit at 7am, your clients can select a visit in the Early Morning schedule block. This allows you to control what times and days you are available.

When clients are requesting visits in the Client Portal, they will see only be able to select one of your schedule blocks.

Accessing Schedule Blocks

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation select “Scheduler”.
  3. Click on the tab labeled “Schedule Blocks”.

Creating A Schedule Block

Your Time To Pet system comes pre-populated with a default set of scheduled blocks. You will more than likely need to adjust these to fit your schedule and availability. See Updating Schedule Blocks below for information on how to modify existing schedule blocks.

  1. Click on an empty space in the calendar.
  2. A popup window will appear with a form to create the new schedule block. Modify the fields (descriptions of the fields immediately below) and click the button labeled “Save Block” to finish creating your schedule block.

Schedule Block Form Fields

Title: The name of this block. This will be visible to your customer when they are requesting services.

Block Time: The start and end time for this block. This can be as short or long as your desire.

Repeat On: Which days of the week the schedule block should occur on. You must select at least one day. This means that if say you select “Mon, Tue, Wed” customers could then only select this time block if they are requesting a service on those days of the week.

Tip: You can also specify the start and end time of the schedule block by dragging before letting go of your mouse button when clicking on an open space in calendar.

Updating A Schedule Block

The details of a schedule block can be updated and modified at any time. You can change the title, the start and end time, and change which days of the week it is available.

  1. Click on the schedule block you wish to modify. If the schedule block is on multiple days you can click on any one of them; it doesn’t matter which one.
  2. The exact same form that you use to create the block will appear, only the fields will be populated your schedule blocks details.
  3. Make any modification and click the button labeled “Save Block”. If you make changes but do not wish to save them, simply click the “X” in the top right corner of the popup window.

Deleting A Schedule Block

Schedule blocks can also be deleted. Deleting a schedule block will completely remove it from every day that was previously available for (if instead you simply want to change which days an existing block is available on, update It instead).

  1. Click on the schedule block you wish to modify. If the schedule block is on multiple days you can click on any one of them; it doesn’t matter which one.
  2. The form popup window will appear just like when you are updating the block.
  3. Click the red button labeled “Delete Block”. Your schedule block should now be deleted.

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