Adding A Manual Payment To An Invoice (Cash, Check, Or Other Payment Outside Of TTP)

If you are not connected with one of the credit card processors in Time To Pet, you will probably be marking invoices as paid manually outside of Time To Pet.

When clients make a manual payment (usually cash or check, but this can be any payment received outside of Time To Pet), you can add that payment to the invoice in the "Edit Invoice" screen by selecting the "Add Payment" button:

Client Invoice with arrow pointing to the "Add Payment" button at the bottom of the "Edit Invoice" screen

After clicking "Add Payment", you can add the payment amount for the client as well as the date that they paid and a description of the payment if needed (for example, a check number or "paid by cash":

Create & Apply New Payment screen with arrows pointing to the amount for the payment and the Add Payment button at the bottom of the screen

If the client has an open payment, you will be prompted to apply this amount to their invoice first. You can also choose to skip this step and move on to the New Payment screen. You can read more about open payments in Time To Pet here: Understanding Open Payments And Credits In Time To Pet

Apply Existing Payment screen that will appear if client has an open payment to apply to their invoice

After the invoice has been paid in full, it will be marked as "Paid".  If the client has only paid part of the invoice, it will be marked as "Partially Paid" if the full amount is not entered.

As a reminder, whenever a client makes a payment via Credit Card or ACH/e-check, Time To Pet will mark the invoice as "Paid" automatically.

To mark multiple invoices as paid manually all at once, take a look at our Bulk Invoicing article. 

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