Adding Services To An Existing Invoice

In the event that you need to add additional services to a client's invoice, you can do this easily from the Scheduler or from the client's profile.


From The Scheduler

To add additional services to a client's invoice from the Scheduler, click on any service from the client's service order on the calendar and select the three bar icon to pull up the service order.

Scheduler with a client's event selected with an arrow pointing to the Service Order menu button

From the service order, select the "Add Event" button to add the new service.

Scheduler with client service order open with an arrow pointing to the "Add Event" button in the upper right-hand corner

Now you can add the additional service by filling in the details and saving your changes.

Image showing the new service with option to edit the details and Save or Cancel changes

From The Client Profile

To add services to a client's invoice from their profile, find the invoice you want to adjust on the Services/Invoices tab and select the "Calendar" button.

Client profile on the Services and Invoices tab with an arrow pointing to the "Calendar" button on the invoice

This will take you directly to the Scheduler with the client's service order open. From here, you can follow the previous steps to add an event.

The following video also walks through how to add services to an existing invoice for a client:

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