Scheduling Events

After you have Added A Client and Created A Service, you are ready to start scheduling events for your clients! Whether you need to schedule a single event, multiple events over several days, or ongoing services for your daily clients - this article will show you how!

Check out this video from our onboarding team on how to schedule an event!

The Link Between Scheduling & Invoicing

Before we get started, it's important to understand that in Time To Pet, all scheduling is intrinsically linked to invoicing. That means whenever you are scheduling services for your client, you are also creating the invoice for those services at the same time. Check out our help article on Understanding Invoicing in Time To Pet to learn more about how this works. 

Scheduling A Single Event

To schedule a single event, navigate to the Scheduler from the sidebar:

scheduler screen with red arrow pointing to scheduler button in left side menu

In the top right corner are three buttons. Click "Schedule Client":

scheduler screen with red arrow pointing to schedule client button in upper right corner

Select the client for which you'd like to schedule events:

schedule client flow client selection window

Note: If you want to schedule services without invoicing them, you can check the "Do Not Invoice These Services" option before clicking "Continue".

If your client has any open invoices, Time To Pet will ask if you want to add the events to one of the open invoices or if you want to create a new invoice:

schedule client flow invoice selection window with expanded menu showing new invoice option and exisiting invoices

Click "Continue", and you'll be brought to the service order for the invoice you selected. From here, click "Add Event" to add schedule a new event:

empty service order with red arrow pointing to add event button

This will launch the Edit Event screen. From here, you can select the date and time of the visit, select the service, add add-on services, select the staff, which pets should be included, add or edit extra fees, change the status of the event, and add any notes:

edit event screen

Click "Save Changes", and the event will be scheduled and added to the service order/invoice:

service order showin newly scheduled event

Pro Tip: With a service order open, you can also add a single event by clicking a time slot directly on the calendar!

gif showing how to click directly on the calendar to add a single event

Scheduling Multiple Events Using The Trip Tool

Pet sitters and dog walkers often need to schedule multiple events at one time, such as when a client is taking a vacation and needs their pet(s) visited three times a day for a week. Time To Pet makes it simple to schedule all of those events at one time instead of each event individually. Check out our help doc on using the Trip Tool to schedule multiple events at once: Scheduling A Trip

Scheduling Multiple Events Using The Repeats Tool

If you have a client that usually works from home but is going into the office every day for a particular week, you may need to quickly schedule some walks for those days. Or, maybe you have a client that needs a midday dog walk every Wednesday in June. Instead of using the Trip Tool, which is best suited for clients that need multiple events each day over a period of time, you can use the "Repeats" tool on the event to repeat it once per day according to the schedule you specify.

To use the Repeats tool, follow the steps above to schedule a single event, and in the edit event screen, click the "Repeats?" checkbox:

edit event screen with repeats option checked

This will expand the repeating event configuration options, where you can select how you want this event to repeat and when it should stop repeating:

edit event screen repeats configuration settings expanded

After clicking "Save Changes", the repeating events will be scheduled and added to the service order/invoice:

Adding Events To An Existing Invoice

To add events to an existing service order/invoice, you'll first need to open the service order you want to add events to. You can do this in a couple of ways; the first is to click on an event in the Scheduler, then click the three-bar icon on the quick info window:

quick info window for an event with red arrow pointing to three bar icon

You can also click the calendar button next to an invoice anywhere it appears in Time To Pet. For example:

invoice list with red arrow pointing to calendar button

With the service order open, you can Add A Single Event or use the Trip Tool to add multiple events at once.

Scheduling Ongoing Events Using Templates

Imagine you have a client that has the same services scheduled week after week after week. A walk at 12:30 PM every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Scheduling this client manually every week would be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have multiple clients on a similar ongoing schedule.

This is where Templates come in. With a Template, you can create a set of services once and then have those services automatically (or with the click of an "approve" button) added to the schedule for you. You will never again have to ask yourself if you remembered to schedule Fluffy's walks for next week!

Check out our help doc on how to create and use Templates to schedule ongoing services for your clients!

Adding Events To The Pending Requests Queue

There may come a time when your client has requested services by sending you an email, text message, or phone call (instead of requesting the services through Time To Pet), and you don't yet know if you can accommodate the request and need some more time before you will be ready to approve or deny it. In this case, you may want to add the request to your pending request queue so that it isn't forgotten and you can easily process it when you are ready.

The only way to add events to the pending request queue is via the client-facing portal, so to do this, you'll need to log in as the client from the Quick Actions menu on their profile:

From there, follow the steps outlined in this client help doc on Requesting Services.


Q: I need to schedule an event, but I don't want it to be invoiced. Can I do that?

Yes! When you are choosing a client to schedule, check off the "Do Not Invoice These Services" box before proceeding to the next step. This will add the events to the schedule and service order but will not add them to an invoice.

schedule screen select a client with do not invoice these services checkbox highlighted

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