Scheduling An Event

After you have Added A Client and Created A Service, you are ready to schedule an event in Time To Pet! There is one thing to keep in mind when scheduling services in Time To Pet. First - all scheduling is intrinsically linked to invoicing. That means whenever you are scheduling events for your client, you are also creating the invoice for those events at the same time. Here is our help article on Understanding Invoicing on Time To Pet if you would like to learn more about how this works. Let's get started!

While there are several places to schedule events for your clients in Time To Pet, for this help article, we will focus on scheduling events from the Scheduler page. First, navigate to the Scheduler page by clicking the Scheduler tab on the sidebar and then selecting "Scheduler"

View of the Scheduler link in sidebar
In the top right corner, you will see several buttons. The one we are looking for is "Schedule Client":

View of "Schedule Client" button on Scheduler

After clicking Schedule Client, Time To Pet will ask you to select which client these services are for. Select the client whom you would like to schedule an event for:

View of "Who are we scheduling services for?" dropdown menu

If your client has any open invoices, Time To Pet will ask if you want to create a new invoice or if you want to add these events to an existing invoice:

If client has open invoices, they are displayed here. Select an existing invoice or new invoice

If your client does not have any open invoices, then you will not see this screen and can skip this step.

You can now schedule events for your client! You can schedule an event by clicking the "Add Event" button:

Schedule an individual event by clicking Add Event Button

This will launch the Edit Event screen. From here, you can select the date and time of the visit, select the service, select the staff, which pets you will be providing services for, set the status of the event, and add any notes:

Edit Event Screen, Update date, time, service, staff, extras

After saving changes, your event will now be listed in the Service Order and can be found on your Calendar:

Event listed on the Service Order

We've also made a short video showing how to schedule a service:

Expert Tip - You can also schedule events by following these steps and clicking on the calendar in the time slot you need instead of clicking "Add New Services":

Load a Service Order and click directly on the scheduler to schedule an event
This will launch the Edit Event screen for the time that was clicked:

View of Edit Event Screen after clicking on Scheduler from a Service Order
You can also schedule multiple events at once by using the Schedule A Trip tool. This tool is helpful for scheduling vacation visits or visits that will span more than a few days.

Scheduling repeat monthly or weekly services for a client? With the Templates feature, you can set up these services once and have them automatically (or with the click of an approve button) added to your schedule every week.

Need to schedule an event but don't want it to be invoiced? When you are selecting the client in the above steps, check off the "Do Not Invoice These Services" box before proceeding to the next step. This will add the events on the service order to the schedule, but they will not generate an invoice.

schedule screen select a client with do not invoice these services checkbox highlighted

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