Scheduling A Trip

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The “Schedule A Trip” tool allows you to quickly and efficiently schedule intermittent services that take place over multiple days. For example, imagine receiving a call from your client requesting a Dog Walk at 7AM, 12PM, and 5PM from Monday until Friday of next week. With the trip tool, this can easily be scheduled in just a few clicks.

Launching Schedule A Trip Tool

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler.
  2. Schedule services for a client, either by clicking on “Schedule Client” or by loading an existing invoice onto the calendar.
  3. Click the toggle arrow next to the “Add New Services” button.
  4. Select “Schedule A Trip” from the drop-down.

Scheduling a Trip

Now that you have the schedule a trip tool open, we can quickly create our trip.

  1. Start by selecting the start and end date (inclusive) of the trip.
  2. Select the primary service that you will be providing.
  3. Select the staff member who will be performing these visits.
  4. Select the pets for the visits.
  5. Leave any optional notes.
  6. The “Times For Each Day” section allows you to specify what times on each day the service will be performed.
    1. Each column represents a different time during the day. You can change the column time for each column.
      1. You can remove any of these columns by clicking the “Delete” link under each column.
      2. You can also add any number of new times by clicking the “Add Time” button.
      3. The service will be automatically populated with the primary service in each column, but you can change the service for any individual column in the dropdown below the time.
    2. Each row represents a day during the trip.
      1. By default all times for all days will be checked.
      2. You can uncheck times for any day to skip that specific day/time combination.

As an example the following options will create services from February 13th – 17th at 7:00AM, 12:00PM and 5:00PM each day except we are skipping the first visit on the first day and the last visit on the last day.

If you choose to hide exact times from your clients, each column will also have the option to specify a “Client Display Time” just as if you were scheduling an individual event.

When you have completed making changes to each option, simply click “Schedule Trip” to schedule all of the services.

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