Scheduling A Trip

The “Trip” tool allows you to quickly and efficiently schedule multiple events that take place over multiple days. For example, imagine receiving a call from your client requesting pet-sitting services three times a day from Saturday to Saturday of next week. With the Trip Tool, this can easily be scheduled in just a few clicks.

Check out this video from our onboarding team on using the Trip Tool to schedule multiple events!

Where To Find The Trip Tool

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler and click "Schedule Client" in the upper right corner:

    scheduler with red arrow pointing to schedule client button in top right corner

  2. Choose the client you need to schedule events for:

    select a client to schedule services screen

  3. If the client does not have any open invoices, you'll be taken directly to start scheduling on a new service order, as shown in step 4.

    If the client does have an open invoice, you'll first be prompted to choose whether you want to schedule on a new invoice or an existing invoice:

    select an invoice to schedule services on screen

  4. Click the “Trip Tool” from the upper right corner of the service order:

    service order with red arrow pointing to trip tool button

Using The Trip Tool To Schedule Multiple Events

Now that you have the Trip Tool open, you can quickly create the events for your client's trip.

Start by filling in the primary details of the trip, including the start and end dates, the primary service type, the assigned staff member, the included pets, and any notes that should be added to the events:

top of the schedule a trip screen

Below the trip details a schedule of events for the date range you entered will be automatically generated. By default, three events per day will be added at 7:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 5:00 PM. You can edit the event times and durations, add more times, remove times, and customize the service to be delivered at each time:

By default, the checkboxes for each time will be checked off for each day of the trip, but you can uncheck any times you do not want to schedule.

For example, if the client isn't leaving until 10:00 AM on the first day of the trip and will be returning at 4:00 PM on the last day of the trip, you would uncheck the 7:00 AM event on the first day and the 9:00 PM event on the last day since they won't be needed:

times for each day section of trip tool with red arrow pointing at unchecked 7am and 9pm vsiits on first and last day of the trip

Note: If your company settings are configured to Hide Exact Times from clients, each column will also show the option to customize the client time display.

Once you have completed setting the trip details and event times, click the "Schedule Trip" button in the lower right corner to add the events to the service order:

schedule a trip screen with red arrow pointing to schedule trip button in bottom right corner

The Trip Tool will close and you will then see all of the events scheduled on the service order:

service order with events scheduled

Looking to schedule ongoing, repeating events?

To schedule ongoing, repeating services, check out our help doc on Templates!

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