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Time To Pet integrates with your Quickbooks Online account allowing your invoices, services, payments, and clients to be automatically kept in sync as changes are made in your Time To Pet account.

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Check out a short video from our Onboarding Team on the Quickbooks Integration Settings section:

Integrating With Quickbooks Online

Integrating With Quickbooks Online - Quickbooks Integration Screen

You must be an administrator to connect your Quickbooks Online account to your Time To Pet account.

  1. Navigate to Integrations in your Settings and select the "Quickbooks" tab. 
  2. Click the "Connect To Quickbooks" button. 

    Integrating With Quickbooks Online - Connect to Quickbooks button

  3. A new window will launch asking you to log in to Quickbooks and grant access to Time To Pet.
  4. When access has been granted, you will be re-directed back to Time To Pet, and you will see a message that you have successfully connected your Quickbooks account.

All invoices created from this point on will now be synced to Quickbooks automatically for you including the attached clients, services, and payments. If you would like to sync Invoices created in Time To Pet before you connected Quickbooks, send us a note, and we can take care of this for you.

Initially Bringing Time To Pet and Quickbooks In Sync

Each client in Time To Pet has a unique link to a client in Quickbooks to ensure their accounts are kept in sync. It might be the case that we need to initially make this connection manually.

Case 1: Clients in Quickbooks, No Clients in Time To Pet

Similarly, if you have clients in Quickbooks and clients in Time To Pet, but there is no overlap, this case also applies.

In your Integrations --> Quickbooks page click the "Download Quickbooks Clients & Services Button".

Integrating With Quickbooks Online - Download Clients and Services

This will download all of your Quickbooks clients to Time To Pet and automatically make the link to their counterparts in Quickbooks.

Case 2: Clients in Time To Pet, No Clients in Quickbooks

You have clients in Time To Pet but none in Quickbooks (or none that you want in Time To Pet). This is likely because you just created a new Quickbooks account.

Lucky you! Time To Pet will take care of everything automatically for you.

Case 3: Clients in both Time To Pet and Quickbooks

If you have clients in both Quickbooks and Time To Pet that overlap some manual work is required to be done to connect the two.

  1. Navigate to your Client List.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click the "Manage Quickbooks Links" button.
  3. A new window will open. If you have a large number of clients in Quickbooks, this can take 2-5 minutes to open initially.
  4. Each row in the table represents a client in Time To Pet. If we have a link to the client in Quickbooks, the second column will be populated with their name in Quickbooks.
  5. To link a Time To Pet client to a Quickbooks client
    1. Click the Edit link to the right.
    2. Select the Quickbooks client in the drop-down list.
    3. Click the Save button to the right of the drop-down list.

Integrating With Quickbooks Online - Clients in both Time To Pet and Quickbooks

Once you have linked all Time To Pet clients to their counterparts in Quickbooks you can then safely use the "Download Quicken Clients & Services" tool on the Quickbooks Setup Page.

Common Questions

Do changes made in Quickbooks automatically sync to Time To Pet?

Unfortunately, they do not. Quickbooks does not have any mechanism by which we are notified of updates. To sync a change made in Quickbooks, edit the Invoice in Time To Pet, scroll to the very bottom and click the "Re-Sync With Quickbooks" button.

Is there a charge to integrate with Quickbooks?

Time To Pet will not charge you any additional fee to integrate with Quickbooks.

Which countries does the Quickbooks Integration support?

We currently only support integrating with USA Quickbooks accounts. The only reason we 'officially' integrate with US Quickbooks only is due to the fact that each Country handles sales tax differently. If the company doesn't collect sales tax, it should be able to use the integration without issue.

Does Time To Pet sync with Quickbooks Desktop?

No, Time To Pet can only integrate with Quickbooks Online version.

Why do my Invoices have #0?

You have Custom Transaction Numbers enabled in QBO. Please see Custom Transaction Numbers.

Custom Transaction Numbers

When you are integrated with Quickbooks we rely on Quickbooks to provide us with Invoice #s. Quickbooks Online will normally generate Invoice Numbers (called Transaction Numbers in Quickbooks) incrementally for you automatically. If however, your Quickbooks account has Custom Transaction Numbers enabled, all Invoices will be assigned #0. We highly recommend disabling this setting if you have it enabled. 

To check if you have Custom Transaction Numbers enabled or to disable it follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Gear icon and then Account And Settings Integrating With Quickbooks Online - Accounts and Settings
  2. In the left menu click Sales and then look under Sales Form Content for Custom Transaction Numbers Integrating With Quickbooks Online - Custom Transaction Numbers
  3. If 'On' Invoices will be given the #0. To change this click on Custom Transaction Numbers, change the checkbox to be unchecked, and click Save Integrating With Quickbooks Online - Custom Transaction Numbers Off

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