Importing Data Into Time To Pet

For a large company, the thought of adding 100's (or even 1000's) of clients and pets can be overwhelming. Luckily, Time To Pet can assist with importing all of your existing data into our system! This includes data that is currently stored in a different software system or data that you have stored electronically (like in a spreadsheet). 

Data we can import typically includes client information, pet information, staff information, veterinarian information, and any custom fields you may have. Unfortunately, the data we can not import includes credit card data (for security reasons) as well as scheduled events (as events in TTP are structured quite differently than events in other software systems).

If you have data that you would like to import, please contact us! Each data import is different, and we like to take a look at what the process entails before starting the import. Typically, we can import your data from .csv files that you send us or that we export from your current software. 

What Is The Cost?

Time To Pet does not charge anything for a data import! This is included in our support for both existing clients and clients currently on a free trial.

Quickbooks Online

If you currently use QuickBooks Online or you plan on utilizing the QuickBooks Online integration, please let us know. There may be an additional step to your data import when incorporating QBO.

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