Best Practices For Transferring Ownership Of Your Time To Pet Account

If you are selling your business or transferring ownership of your business to someone else, this article will cover the steps needed to complete the transfer. The Time To Pet Support team can help any specific questions you have during this process.

The Transfer Process

Prior to starting the first step, make sure the new Owner Admin has been added to Time To Pet and is set to an "Admin" role in your account.

The following steps outline the transfer process:

  1. First, Time To Pet will need to switch the Owner Admin on the account on the date the business transaction closes. If the transaction is closing on a weekend, the closest business day will be used. Time To Pet can schedule this as long as we have the following:
    1. An email from the current Owner Admin granting us permission, sent to
    2. An email from the new Owner Admin granting us permission, sent to

  2. After Time To Pet makes the transfer over to the new Owner Admin, the new Owner Admin has to update the payment method on file for the monthly subscription fee of Time To Pet in the Billing section.

  3. This step is only relevant if your Time To Pet account is connected to Time To Pet Payments powered by Stripe. On the day the transaction closes or the closest business day, if this transaction closes on a weekend, our Development Team disconnects the prior payment processor account and runs a "token migration." The token migration is so the new Owner Admin can create a new payments account and also so we can migrate all of the tokenized card data for your clients, making it so pet parents will not need to re-enter payment details on their client profiles after the transfer is complete.

  4. As soon as the token migration process is complete, Time To Pet will send the new Owner Admin an email letting them know they can now create a new payment processor account.

Data Transfers Between Two Time To Pet Business Accounts

Occasionally, Time To Pet customers will need a client list imported or exported to another Time To Pet business. For more information on data we can and can not import, see our help documentation on Importing Data Into Time To Pet.

For client lists containing ten or more clients, we are able to import or export between Time To Pet business account customers. Time To Pet is not able to move individual clients or clients lists containing less than ten clients. Ten or fewer clients will need to be manually added.

The following steps outline the client transfer process between two Time To Pet business accounts:

  1. First, Time To Pet will need the following necessary information from both Owner Admins:
    1. An email from the current Owner Admin granting us permission to export and a list of clients that need to be exported, sent to
    2. An email from the new Owner Admin granting us permission to import, sent to

  2. Once Time To Pet has permission from both Owner Admins and the list of clients, our Import Team will begin the process. This process takes 1-3 business days, and our Import Team will be in touch with any questions or updates and instructions on that process after the import is complete.
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