Mobile App Problem Solving

The Time To Pet mobile app is designed to make it convenient for your staff to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. As with any mobile app, there may be some troubleshooting that is required. This help doc will help you troubleshoot any issues that may come up along the way.

GPS Route Tracking

Sometimes there is restrictions and limitation with GPS route tracking in general (like weather, tall building, GPS satellite issues, etc.). This can often cause discrepancies inherent in GPS geolocation data. There are a few things you can do to improve the performance of your device recording and tracking the route though.

  • Make sure the "Use Low Accuracy GPS" is turned off in your Time To Pet Mobile App settings. 
  • Make sure device location services is turned on ( iPhone // Android )
  • Close out any other applications running on the device, specifically those that may be using location services

It's also important to note that cell phone reception is a key factor for GPS route tracking. If cell phone reception is poor and cuts in and out, this will most likely cause tracking issues in the client report. 

Also see: Troubleshooting GPS Issues - Android

App Unexpectedly Crashing

Here are the common solutions for having the app crash on you unexpectedly.

Out of date app

Be sure to have the latest app version. You can do this by going in the "Account" tab and clicking on the button to check for updates.

Run One Service At A Time

Be sure to have completed services marked as completed in the app. You can click on the "Running" button to be sure all the services that are completed are marked as completed. 

Disable App's GPS Tracking

If your reports do not include route tracking to client's, then be sure to switch off GPS tracking in the app.

Go to the "Account" tab and toggle Use Low Accuracy GPS switch to the left.

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