Package Renewal Report

The Package Renewal Report is designed to help you keep track of your client's current packages so that you can quickly and efficiently see which packages are nearing their end and are up for renewal.

The Package Renewal Report can be found under Services > Packages > Package Renewal Report tab.

Any text that is highlighted blue is "clickable". For example, the client's name will take you to their client profile, and the package listed by their name will take you to that package's service order, where you can view the details on that package. 

Using the Package Renewal Report

screenshot of package renewal report tab

Rather than make assumptions about how and when your company renews a package, the Package Renewal Report takes a more manual approach. All packages will be listed in the report until they are manually marked as "Closed Out". 

By default, the report is sorted with the packages expiring soonest listed at the top. You can sort by any of the columns by clicking on the arrows below each column header.

Close Out Package

screenshot of close out drowndown menu

Closing out a package removes it from the Package Renewal Report. To quickly close out a package, click the "Close Out" button to the right of the package. You can alternatively choose the "Close Out & Re-Add Package" option (make sure to click the arrow to the right of the button first to present both options). This will not only Close Out the package but also re-add the same package to this Client's account.

Note: Closing out a package removes it from the Package Renewal Report, but it does not affect the package itself, the invoice, or any of the events that are part of the package.

Bulk Close Out Packages

Closing out packages one at a time can be tiring. Fortunately, Time To Pet allows you to select multiple packages and close them out with just a few clicks.

screenshot of package report list with the check all slash none box checked to select multiple packages to close

You can select individual rows by clicking on them or by using the "Check All/None" button at the bottom of the list to select all rows. A selected row will turn green.

When you are ready, click the "Close Out Packages" button in the upper left hand corner.

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