Packages are a set of services that you often sell at a discount and upfront. For example, you might create a “Buy 10, Get 10% Off” package that offers ten sittings at the discounted rate of 10% off. The customer would pay you upfront and in return receive the discount.

You can manually add a package to a Customer’s account or the customer can add the package to their account from their Customer Portal. Customers can then redeem scheduled services against this package (or you can add scheduled services from your dashboard as well) and Time To Pet will automatically track how many of each service are left for the given package.

Packages - Manually adding package to client's account

Accessing Packages Configuration

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation click on "Services" then select “Packages”.

Creating A Package

  1. Click the button labeled “+ New Package”.
  2. A new screen will be displayed for the Package form that you can use to create your package.
    Packages - Package details screen while setting up package
  3. Modify the fields (descriptions of the fields immediately below) and click the button labeled “Save Package” to finish creating your package.

Package Form Fields

Package Name: The name of this package. This will be visible to your customer when they are redeeming services for this package.

Package Type: Packages can have two types. “Set Price” packages let you specify the total price for the package. “Discount Percent” lets you specify a percentage discount you want to offer off of the normal cost for the services that are part of this package.

Package Limits: You can limit when the services for this package can be redeemed. The options are “No Limits”, “Same Day”, “Same Week” and “Same Month”. As an example, if you choose “Same Month”, all services redeemed against this package would have to be in the same month.

End Date: The last date a service appointment can be redeemed against this package. For example, if you set End Date to December 25, 2021, no services will be allowed on or after December 26, 2021. Services on December 25, 2021 will be allowed.

Total Cost: Only valid if Package Type is “Set Price”. The total price for this package.

% Discount: Only valid if Package Type is “Discount Percent”. The percentage discount to subtract from the original price of all services in this package.

Description: A short description of the package.

Services In Package: The services (and how many of each) that are part of this package. A package must have at least one service.

Adding Services To A Package

The heart of a package is the services that are a part of it and how many each can be redeemed. A package must have at least one service but other than that there are no limits.

  1. Click the button labeled “+ Add Service To Package”.
  2. A popup screen will appear for where you can select the service and how many of that service can be redeemed.
    Packages - Add Service To Package, select service
  3. Click the button labeled “Add Service To Package”. The new service will now appear for the package.
    Packages - Add Service To Package review or remove

To remove a service from the package, simply click the button “Remove Service” next to the service you want to remove. To update the count for any service, simply edit the number in the text box for that service.

Note: Any modifications you make to the services for a package (including adding a new service) will not take effect until you click the button labeled “Save Changes”.

Adding A Package For A Customer

Packages - Adding A Package for a Customer

  1. Visit the Customer’s Page in your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Services/Invoices” tab.
  3. Scroll down to "Packages".
  4. Click the button labeled “Add Package For Client”. A popup window will appear:
    Packages - Add Package For Client screen
  5. Select the package to add and whether or not to invoice the package.
  6. Click “Add Package”.
If you uncheck “Yes, Invoice Package For Client” no invoice will be created for this package; in other words, the customer will not be charged for it. Otherwise, a new invoice will be added to the customer’s account.

Redeeming Services Against A Customer’s Package

  1. Visit the Customer’s Page in your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Services/Invoices” tab.
  3. Scroll down to "Packages"
  4. Find the package you want to redeem services against and click the button labeled “Redeem”. You will be taken to the scheduler with this package’s service order pre-loaded on the calendar.

Unredeeming Services From A Package

There are two ways to unredeem services from a package depending on whether or not you want to charge the client for the services that you're unredeeming.

Change a service's redemption status to "Not Counted". This leaves the service on the package so that the client is not charged extra for it, but does not count the service as one of the allotted visits included in the package. This might be used, for example, when a client cancels a service that was part of a package, and you do not want to charge them for it. To change a service's redemption status, open the "Details" screen of the client's package, and click "Full Report"

Image Of A Package's "Details" Window

On the next screen, click on the visit's redemption status to change it from "Counted" to "Not Counted".

Changing The Redemption Status Of A Visit

If you'd like to unredeem an event from a package so that you can charge the client separately for the event rather than having it included in the package, you can do this by moving the event onto a new invoice. See our video article on Moving Services To A New Invoice for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Disabling a Package

Disabling a package does not delete it, but hides it from the Customer i.e they cannot add it to their account. If the package was already added to the Customer’s account before disabling, it will still show up and services can still be redeemed against it after disabling.

  1. Click the “Edit” button next to the package you want to disable.
  2. To the top right of the package form is a button labeled “Disable Package”. Click it to disable the package. 

    Packages - Disable Package button

  3. Click “Save Changes” to finish disabling the package.
  4. A disabled service can be enabled by repeating the steps above, the only difference being the button will be labeled “Enable Package”.

    Packages - Enable Package Button

Deleting a Package

A package can be deleted by voiding the invoice the package is attached to. Here is our help doc on How To Void An Invoice. This action is not reversible. If your client has a partially redeemed package that you want to remove from their account, please follow the steps in our help article that goes over Best Practices For Removing Partially Redeemed Packages.

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