It's possible to upload files for staff and clients to download through their portal dashboards. This can come in handy if you have Staff sign a contract agreement or if you use a vet release form for clients. You can access the document section for staff in Staff > Documents and for clients in Clients > Documents.

Global Documents

Global Documents are documents that you upload once and are available to all of your clients or staff. The documents can be accessed and downloaded through the client portal or the staff's Dashboard. There is a 99Mb size limit on Global Documents.

Client Documents under the Global Documents tab with an arrow pointing to the button to find and upload documents

You can also delete any global document that has been uploaded by selecting the "Delete Document" text.

Uploading Document For Staff Or Clients

It's possible to upload a document for a specific client or staff by going to their profile view and selecting the "Docs" tab. This will only be accessible to that staff/client. There is a 99Mb size limit on staff and client documents.

Client profile under the Docs tab with an arrow pointing to the button to find and upload a document for an individual client

Uploading Documents From The Conversation Feed

If your client has included a document as an attachment to a message sent via their conversation feed from their client portal, Time To Pet makes it easy to save this attachment to the vaccinations section.

When viewing a message with an attachment in the conversation feed, Time To Pet will show you a "copy" icon to the far right. This can be clicked to save this attachment.

Conversation feed message with document attached and an arrow pointing to the copy icon

Using the "Client Documents" option from the drop-down menu, you can save this as a client document in the "Docs" section of the client profile.

Window with drop down menu with options for placing documents in a client's profile

Document Accessibility

Client documents can be downloaded by the client themselves or any staff member who has access to the client's profile. Staff documents can be downloaded by the staff member themselves and any admins or office managers who have access to the staff member's profile.

Note: While you can upload any forms for your clients and Staff to download in Documents, the only agreements that can be e-signed in Time To Pet are the Client Agreements. You can read more about this feature here: Client Agreements.

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