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The Client Agreement is a tool that allows you to create an agreement (or multiple agreements) that you can require all of your customers (or some of your customers) must review and sign the very first time they access the client portal or the client app. If you have a Client Agreement enabled and are requiring the agreement for clients, your customers will not be able to use the client portal or the client app until they review and e-sign the agreement. By default, no Client Agreement is set or enabled. If you would like to reference an example of what a Client Agreement may look like, here is our Sample Service AgreementAs a reminder, Time To Pet highly recommends you have a legal professional review any contracts or agreements you create for your business.

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Creating a Client Agreement

You can review and create your Client Agreements in the Client Settings - Agreements section. To create your first Agreement, click the "Create Agreement" button.

A Client Agreement includes an Agreement Name. This is normally used to describe what the agreement contains such as "Standard Client Agreement", "Overnight Services Agreement", "Vet Authorization Agreement", or something similar.

Agreement Status is either "Enabled" or "Disabled". When an Agreement is enabled, you can require clients to review and e-sign the agreement. When disabled, clients will not be required to review and e-sign the agreement.

Agreement Content can either be text or a file. If you choose the agreement content to be text, you can use the text editor to create your agreement. If you choose the agreement content to be a file, you can upload a PDF document as your agreement. Please note that PDFs are the only types of files supported here.

Here is an example of a sample agreement using text as content:

Here is an example of a sample agreement using a PDF file as the content:

After creating and saving your Client Agreement, you will be able to review which clients have signed the agreement and which clients are required to sign the agreement.

Viewing Signatures

You can view all of the clients that have signed your agreement in the "Signatures" tab. Please note that if you have multiple versions of your agreement, you can view the signatures for each version.

Requiring Certain Clients to Sign Agreements

You can customize which of your customers are required to sign each Client Agreement you create. This is helpful if you have certain agreements that only need to be signed by certain clients (like an agreement for Overnight Services). By default, Time To Pet will require each new agreement you create to be signed by all clients. You can update this in the "Required By" section:

If you choose the "Specific Clients" - you can choose clients one at a time.

You can also use the "Bulk Select Clients" option to select multiple clients at once base on various filters. For example - you can select all clients who have received a certain service in the past.

Just be sure to click "Confirm Clients" when using the filter tool.

Please note that you can also opt clients into certain Client Agreements directly from their client profile page. Just look for the "Required Agreements" sidebar widget from a client's profile:

Updating Existing Agreement

If you ever need to make changes to a Client Agreement, you can edit an existing agreement directly from the Client Settings - Agreements section. Just look for the agreement you need to update in your list:

When making changes to an existing agreement, Time To Pet will ask you if want to update an existing agreement or create a new revision of your agreement.

Update Existing Agreement

This option is meant for minor modifications to your agreement such as fixing typos. Only customers who have not yet signed this revision of the agreement will see the changes.

Create New Revision Of Agreement

A new revision is meant for substantial changes in your agreement. Once you create a new revision, all of your customers will have to agree to the new revision even if they have already agreed to a previous one.

Managing Agreements from Client Profile

Time To Pet supports several ways to manage Agreements from a client's profile. You will notice that there is an "Agreements Signed" button under a client's name in their profile (this button will read "Agreement Signature Missing" if the client needs to sign agreements):

Clicking this button allows you to see all signatures your client has submitted on various agreements (and different versions of agreements). You can also download these agreements from here:

You can also see what agreements are required by this client, and choose additional agreements to be required:

Please note that if a client has a signature missing from an agreement, we will change the button under the client's name:

You can also choose which agreements are required by the client in the sidebar of the client's profile:

You can also view agreement information in the blue "Quick Actions" button:

How Clients Sign/View Agreements

When a client is required to sign an agreement, Time To Pet will force the customer to review and sign the agreement the very next time they access the client portal or the client app. A sample agreement on the client portal looks like this:

Time To Pet will require your client to review and sign all agreements you have required for them before they can access the portal or the app.

Clients can see all of the Agreements they signed by navigating to the very bottom of the Client Portal and clicking the "Agreements" link:

They can view all signatures and download the agreements from this page:

Agreement Reporting

Time To Pet supports robust reporting around Agreement Status for your clients. To access these reports, navigate to Reporting - Staff & Clients. In the Clients tab, use the "Client's Agreement Status" filter:

Reports can be run on all agreements, or specific agreements and on clients who have or have not signed the selected agreements. As a reminder, filters in this section can be "stacked". For example - you can run a report on all clients who have an upcoming service and have not signed that service agreement.

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