Creating A Portal Policy Agreement

The Portal Policy Agreement is a configurable set of terms that your customers must agree to with an electronic signature. If the policy agreement is enabled, your customers will not be able to use their portal until they agree and sign it. By default, no portal policy agreement is set or enabled.

Configuring Portal Policy Agreement

Access the  portal policy configuration page:

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Using the sidebar navigation select “Settings”.
  3. Click on “Portal Policy” in the sidebar.

If this is the first time you are visiting this page, you will see blank text editor. If you have already configured a policy agreement, the text editor will be populated with your current policy.

The control bar above the text editor allows you to format the text display. The policy agreement will appear to your customers exactly as it appears in the text editor.

Once you are satisfied with your policy agreement, click the button labelled “Save Policy Details”. If this is first time you have modified the agreement, your changes will be saved immediately. If you are editing an existing agreement, you will be presented with the following window:

Update Existing Policy

This option is meant for minor modifications to your policy such as fixing typos. Only customers who have not yet signed this revision of the policy will see the changes.

Create New Revision Of Policy

A new revision is meant for substantial changes in your policy. Once you create a new revision, *all* of your customers will have to agree to the new revision even if they have already agreed to a previous one.

Viewing Signatures For Policy

You can see a complete signature history for each revision of the policy. This lets you see which customers signed which revision and when. To access the signatures for each revision scroll down past the policy editor until you see the policy revision table.

Click the button labelled “Signature Details” to see the signature details for that revision.

Enable/Disable Portal Policy Agreement

You can disable the portal policy agreement at anytime. To disable the agreement, simply uncheck the box labelled “Policy Is Enabled” and click the save button.

Re-enabling the policy is equally as simple. Simply check the box labelled “Policy Is Enabled” and click the save button.

Disabling the portal policy completely removes it from the customer portal. If a customer activated their portal account while the policy was disabled, and you then enable the policy that customer will be required to sign the policy. If a customer has already signed the portal policy, they will *not* be required to sign the policy again.

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