Applying And Redeeming Client Credit

You can apply a credit to a client’s account for redemption at a later date. We will remind you when scheduling services and adding payments to an invoice that the client has an outstanding credit so that you never again forget to use up an existing credit.

Note: A"credit" in Time To Pet is a monetary amount on a client's account that you don't receive actual compensation for (for example, giving a client a credit for referring a new customer). If a client has overpaid or cancelled pre-paid services, you do not need to create a credit for this; Time To Pet will automatically create an "open payment" for these scenarios. For more information, see our help article on Understanding Open Payments And Credits.

Applying Credit To Client Account

  1. Navigate to the client’s profile page.
  2. Click the “Services/Invoices” tab.
  3. Click on the current credit balance 
  4. The new screen will display the full credit history for this client. Click on the “Adjust Credit Balance” button in the top right corner.
  5. Enter the amount to adjust the client’s credit by. Entering a negative number will decrease the credit balance. Entering a positive number will increase the credit balance.

  6. Click the “Save Adjustment” button.

Redeeming A Client Credit

You can redeem a client’s credit (and we will remind you that a client has a credit here as well) in three places.

When Scheduling Services For A Client

We will add a notification to the current service order when the client has a remaining credit balance.

Click “Click here to apply to this invoice.” A new popup window will appear where you can select how much credit to apply to this invoice.

When Adding Payment To Invoice

We will also remind you of an outstanding credit when applying payments to an invoice.

Using Bulk Invoicing

It is possible to apply credits in bulk to invoices. Navigate to the Bulk Invoicing page and click on the “Credit” tab. All clients that have a credit balance greater than $0 and at least one open invoice will be available. There will be one row for each open invoice. Select the invoices that you want to apply the credit to and click the “Apply Credit To Invoices” button.

The invoices will have the credit applied and the client’s credit balance will be adjusted accordingly.

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