Best Practices For Creating A Promo Or Loyalty Program

Some companies use a loyalty or referral program or create promotional discount codes to reward their clients with discounts on services. While Time To Pet currently does not have a promo code feature, there are ways you can set up a loyalty program for your clients. 

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Creating Discounts As Packages, Credits, Discounts, And Custom Line Items


If you offer a loyalty program for clients where they can book a certain number of walks and get one free, you can easily set this up in Time To Pet a Package. You can read more about creating and using Packages here: Packages.

Packages allow you to set a flat rate or a discount percentage for a set amount of services. For example, you could create a Package called "Buy 10 walks, get the 11th free!" and set this. 

Image of package set up page with

Image of Add Service pop up when creating a package with Weekly Dog Walking as the Service and the Count at 11


You could also use the Credit feature in Time To Pet to credit clients for a service after they have scheduled a certain amount or if they have referred a new client. Adding credits can be done right from the client's profile under the "Services/Invoices" tab. 

Image of a client's profile with a red arrow pointing to the Credit Balance showing $10 in credit

You can read more about applying and redeeming client credit here: Applying And Redeeming Client Credit.

Custom Line Items On An Invoice

You can also add discounts as custom line items on a client's invoice by setting the amount to a negative number.

Image of client's invoice and custom line item created as MARCHPROMO with a dollar amount of -10

Advertising Your Loyalty Program Or Promos

Portal/App Service Request Form

If you would like to allow clients to enter a promo code when they request services, you can customize the "Additional Details" textbox that is shown to clients when they request services. This setting is found in Settings > Client Settings > Portal Settings.

portal settings screenshot with red box around customize additional details field setting

Create An Email Campaign Newsletter 

To let your clients know about any upcoming promotions or discounts you will be running, you can include this in an Email Campaign message. Here is more information on creating an email campaign: Sending Mass Emails To Clients

Image of sample email campaign called

Using The Portal Notification 

Another easy way to advertise discounts or promotions is by creating a Portal Notification in Client Settings > Portal Settings that will display at the top of the Client Portal as well as in the Mobile App:

Image of Portal Notification in Portal Settings with a message about adding a promo code and an expiration date of March 31, 2021

Using Reporting To Track Discounts 

Top Clients

If part of your Loyalty Program includes discounts for top spending clients, you can track who these clients are and the amounts spent on services for a set date range in Financial Reports under "Top Clients." 

Image of Financial Reports with Top Clients selected and image of pie graph report showing top clients and revenue for one month

Client Referrals

When clients fill out the "How Did You Find Us?" field in your Client Fields, they are able to add a referrer. 

You can then track who referred clients in Client Reporting by selecting the "Clients With Referral Source" filter and then selecting "Client Referral" as the Referral Source. 

Image of the add Filter pop up under Client Reports with

This will generate a list of clients who have been referred, and you can see who their referrer was by going to their profile or by exporting their client information from the Export Filtered Clients button. 

Image of Client Report showing clients who have been referred with their name and email

Client Credits

To track discounts or promos applied as client credits, you can use the Credits report under the Payments tab in Financial Reports.

Image of Payments report under Financial Reports showing client credits for a set date range

Custom Line Items

If you're adding client discounts as custom line items to an invoice, you can easily run reports on which discounts are being used and how often in Financial Reports under Revenue By Custom Line Item. 

Image of Financial Reports in the Revenue By Custom Line item tab showing a pie graph of custom line items and amounts for the month of March

Using Flags To Label Loyalty Program Clients 

To easily label clients that are a part of your loyalty program or are considered "Top Clients," you can set up Client Flags in your Company Settings. If your client is part of your Loyalty Program, where they receive a visit for free or at a discount after a certain amount of visits, you can use Flags to easily track which client invoices need to be adjusted to reflect the discount.  

Image of Add Flag pop up window to create a client flag in Company Settings under Flags

Image of created Loyalty Program flag in Company Settings under Flags

Pet Birthday Reminders 

If part of your Loyalty Program is to offer discounts to clients on their pet's birthday, you can use the Pet Birthday Reminder feature found in Client Settings > Pets to send you and your team an email reminder of the upcoming birthday. You can then add the credit or discount to the client's account or upcoming invoice. 

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